Fostering Innovation, Together

Our vision at ATDC is to create a world where everyone can contribute to and benefit from the success of entrepreneurs. By bridging connections between entrepreneurs and global corporations and organizations, we unlock new avenues of innovation and address the world’s most pressing challenges. Whether you aim to bolster your local startup community, engage with top-tier startups, or invest in ventures making a real-world impact, ATDC offers myriad opportunities to align with your business goals and be part of our thriving startup ecosystem.

A Tiered Approach to Partnership

At ATDC, we believe in the power of collaboration to ignite innovation and drive progress. Our journey of nurturing Georgia’s most promising startups is amplified by the support of brands and organizations from various sectors. 

Premier Sponsors

Leading with Excellence Our Premier tier represents the pinnacle of sponsorship, featuring top-tier companies. These industry leaders provide unparalleled support, setting a benchmark for commitment and impact in the startup ecosystem.

Dedicated Supporters

The Second Tier Following the Premier tier, our second-tier sponsors embody dedicated support and engagement. These organizations play a crucial role in providing resources and opportunities that are vital for startup growth and development.

Community Partners

The Collaborative Fabric Our Community Partners form the third tier, essential to the interconnected fabric of Georgia's startup ecosystem. They help startups at various stages and across different sectors, fostering a system that nurtures and scales new ventures.

Premiere Sponsors


Georgia’s startup ecosystem thrives with our Community Partners: Atlanta Technology Angels, Atlanta CEO Council, Invest Atlanta, Technology Association of Georgia, TiE Atlanta and Venture Atlanta. Their collaboration drives innovation, entrepreneurship, and success for startups, embodying the spirit of growth and scalability. 

Join Us in Shaping the Future

ATDC stands as a beacon of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in Georgia. We invite corporations, organizations, and individuals who share our vision to join us. Together, let’s build a future where collaborative innovation leads to transformative solutions. For partnership inquiries and to explore how you can contribute to this exciting journey, please reach out to Aubrey Lenyard.