We are Industry Agnostic

At ATDC, our coaching, support, and programming resources are deep. Since 1980, we have served grown startups who serve the gamut of industry including: AgTech, AI, B2B Enterprise SaaS, Biotech, ClimateTech, Cybersecurity, Digital Health, Education Tech, Energy, FinTech, Gaming/E-Sports, HealthTech, Life Sciences, LOAS, Manufacturing, Marine Tech, Medical Devices, Nanotech, Robotics, Space, Supply Chain & Logistics, and more.

AI Manufacturing

The ATDC Advanced Manufacturing Program, rejuvenated in April 2023, is a pivotal initiative aimed at bolstering startups that are pioneering innovations in manufacturing. Situated in Georgia, a state with a robust manufacturing sector, the program offers essential resources such as coaching, networking opportunities, and a supportive community, thereby enhancing the state’s potential to be a national exemplar in advancing manufacturing automation. The program is strategically backed by the Georgia AI Manufacturing (GA-AIM) coalition, led by the Georgia Tech Research Corporation, which has secured about $65 million to promote the integration of artificial intelligence in traditional industrial sectors. This initiative not only targets technological advancements like AI and automation in manufacturing—focusing on process optimization, visual inspection, and preventive maintenance—but also aims to diversify AI leadership by involving BIPOC, women, veterans, and rural residents of Georgia.

The program’s objectives include establishing Georgia as a leader in AI-driven manufacturing innovation and as a hub for advanced manufacturing startups. It seeks to foster a thriving ecosystem by connecting startups with experienced mentors, investment opportunities, and pilot program partnerships, while also providing access to specialized content and networking events. Entrepreneurs in the program are exposed to a wide array of resources and are encouraged to engage in activities that promote rapid commercialization and scaling of their technologies. The diverse benefits offered encompass expert business advice, introductions to investors, and opportunities to participate in specialized events and community resources, aiming to nurture the development of future leaders in advanced manufacturing and AI.

Nwanyinma Dike

Join the advanced manufacturing revolution! Connect with Nwanyinma Dike, our lead catalyst, to accelerate your startup today.

Cybersecurity and Emerging Defense Technology

ATDC’s Cybersecurity and Emerging Defense Technology Program stands as a vital bridge connecting innovative startups with the defense, intelligence, federal, and private sectors. Through specialized coaching and unique collaborations, including with the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), this program propels technologies that safeguard critical infrastructure and enhance cyber capabilities. Covering a broad spectrum from AI/ML to satellite technology, it’s designed for companies poised to strengthen national security and intelligence. With demand soaring for advanced cybersecurity solutions, ATDC offers unparalleled support for startups aiming to navigate the complex defense ecosystem. Led by Blair Tighe, a seasoned expert with deep ties to both the Department of Defense and the private sector, this program is where cutting-edge innovation meets mission-critical needs.

Elevate your cybersecurity venture: Contact Blair Tighe for guidance on navigating the defense technology landscape.


In the vibrant nexus of Georgia’s FinTech revolution, ATDC’s FinTech Program stands as a cornerstone, celebrating eight years of unparalleled success in nurturing financial technology startups. Through a unique collaboration with industry giants like Visa, and leveraging the academic prowess of Georgia Tech, the program has been instrumental in the growth of over 250 startups, including the notable unicorn, Greenlight. With a focus on integrating startups into Georgia’s robust FinTech ecosystem—a powerhouse generating $72 billion in annual revenue—the ATDC FinTech Program aims to cement Georgia as a global epicenter for financial innovation. Offering startups access to expert coaching, investor introductions, and a wealth of FinTech-focused events and resources, the program is designed to accelerate the journey from concept to market leader in the financial technology space.

To ignite your FinTech innovation with ATDC, connect with Robert E. Daniel for tailored guidance and opportunities.


ATDC’s HealthTech Program, a pivotal force since 2018, champions the fusion of healthcare and technology, aiming to transform Georgia into a leading hub for HealthTech innovation. Collaborating with industry giants, this program has nurtured over 30 companies, driving $150M+ in investments, and focusing on improving healthcare outcomes and operational efficiencies. Through personalized coaching, access to top-tier investors, and a wealth of resources, ATDC accelerates the growth of startups tackling healthcare’s most pressing challenges. With the support of experts like Greg Jungles, startups gain invaluable insights into product development, regulatory compliance, and commercialization. Additionally, partnerships with the Global Center for Medical Innovation and Georgia Manufacturing Extension Partnership enhance the program’s offerings, providing startups with lab space and a comprehensive toolkit for success.

Greg Photo

Transform Healthcare with ATDC: Connect with Greg Jungles to scale your HealthTech solution.

Automation and Robotics

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Automation and Robotics, ATDC’s specialized vertical stands as a beacon of innovation, dedicated to nurturing startups that are shaping the future with AI, hard tech, and connected devices. Our program, supported by the expertise of the Georgia Tech Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines (IRIM) and the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), offers startups unparalleled access to coaching, industry connections, and pathways to commercialization. Catering to a wide array of industries from Manufacturing to Healthcare, and bolstered by the visionary sponsorship of Amazon Robotics, we’re here to accelerate the development of solutions that meet the critical demands for quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Whether you’re innovating in materials handling, sustainability, or consumer goods, our team is equipped to elevate your venture to new heights.

To launch or scale your Automation and Robotics venture with ATDC, reach out to Ward for expert guidance and support.

Supply Chain

ATDC’s Supply Chain vertical, launched in 2022 and proudly sponsored by The Home Depot, is designed to revolutionize the global supply chain landscape by nurturing early-stage companies in Georgia. Focused on innovative solutions to tackle the complexities and challenges of the global supply chain, this vertical offers coaching, connection, and community, leveraging Georgia’s strategic position as a logistical hub. With eligibility criteria aimed at fostering dedicated and technologically innovative teams, ATDC is committed to transforming Georgia into a cradle for the next wave of supply chain innovation. Under the guidance of catalyst and U.S. Army veteran Alex, a seasoned entrepreneur with a history of successful supply chain ventures, ATDC’s Supply Chain vertical is set to empower startups aiming to disrupt traditional supply chain models with groundbreaking solutions.

Dive into Supply Chain Innovation with ATDC: Connect with Alex to bring your early-stage vision to life.

Sustainability Program

ATDC’s Sustainability Tech Program champions Georgia’s emerging sustainability and climate technology startups. Focused on solving critical environmental challenges, the program offers comprehensive support including coaching, connections and access to a thriving ecosystem supported by industry and capital. Entrepreneurs from all areas of sustainability – from the circular economy to clean energy and beyond – are equipped to rapidly commercialize and scale their impactful solutions to meet the pace of our changing environment. With a goal to make Georgia a leader in sustainability innovation, ATDC provides a robust platform to drive startup growth and development. Spearheaded by Jennifer Singh, an experienced technology executive and sustainability advocate, the program is a crucible for startups aiming to address our climate and environmental crises.

The ATDC Sustainability Tech Program is supported by Norfolk Southern Corporation (NYSE: NSC). Norfolk Southern and its predecessor companies have safely moved the goods and materials that drive the U.S. economy. Today, it operates a customer-centric and operations-driven freight transportation network. Committed to furthering sustainability, Norfolk Southern helps its customers avoid 15 million tons of yearly carbon emissions by shipping via rail. Its dedicated team members deliver more than 7 million carloads annually, from agriculture to consumer goods, and is the largest rail shipper of auto products and metals in North America. Norfolk Southern also has the most extensive intermodal network in the eastern U.S., serving a majority of the country’s population and manufacturing base, with connections to every major container port on the Atlantic coast as well as the Gulf of Mexico and Great Lakes. Learn more by visiting www.NorfolkSouthern.com.

To make a sustainable impact with your startup, reach out to Jennifer Singh and join ATDC’s mission for a greener tomorrow.

5G Vertical

ATDC’s 5G Connected Future Incubator, nestled in the innovative Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners, is pioneering the development of cutting-edge 5G technologies. This program, empowered by T-Mobile’s 5G, offers startups and entrepreneurs the unparalleled opportunity to ideate, create, and scale groundbreaking 5G solutions, from advanced automation to AR/VR and beyond. With the promise of transforming connectivity through enhanced network reliability and speed, our incubator is the launchpad for ventures aiming to explore the vast potential of 5G. Under the guidance of Bob Siegel, an industry veteran with a wealth of experience in mobility, startups find not just a program but a pathway to redefining the future of digital interaction and connectivity.

Elevate Your Venture with 5G: Connect with Bob Siegel to join the forefront of 5G innovation.