Unleash Your Potential with ATDC's Team of Innovators

In the heart of Georgia's tech revolution, ATDC stands as a beacon of progress and innovation, guided by a team of visionary leaders, dedicated mentors, and unwavering supporters. Our experts, drawn from the ranks of successful entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and specialized professionals, are committed to transforming your startup dream into a thriving reality.

Coaching Staff: The Mentors Behind the Breakthroughs

The heart of ATDC's mission lies in its coaching staff — a robust assembly of serial entrepreneurs, industry mavens, and subject matter experts committed to one-on-one mentorship. This team is the driving force behind startup growth, offering personalized guidance to navigate the complexities of the entrepreneurial journey.


Carnellia Ajasin

Automation & Robotics

Ward Broom

FinTech Catalyst

Robert "Red" Daniel

Startup Catalyst, Augusta

Chris Dickson

Georgia AIM Catalyst

Nwanyinma Dike

MarTech Catalyst

Adam Gautsch

Startup Catalyst, Macon

Robert Grant

Startup Catalyst, Savannah

Radford Harrell

Health Tech Catalyst

Greg Jungles


Musaddeq Khan

Venture Capitalist-in-Residence

Sig Mosley


Charlie Paparelli

Supply Chain Catalyst

Alex Rhodeen


Clinton Richardson


Scott Ryan

Startup Catalyst, Albany

Jud Savelle

5G Startup Catalyst

Bob Siegel

Sustainability Catalyst

Jennifer Singh
Pavleen “Pav” Thukral


Pavleen “Pav” Thukral

Cybersecurity & Defense

Blair Tighe

Startup Catalyst, Columbus

Gregg Warren

Leadership Staff: Steering the Ship of Innovation

At the helm of ATDC's vibrant ecosystem Is a leadership team dedicated to sourcing and nurturing top talent, managing cutting-edge facilities, and leading outreach that resonates across Georgia and beyond. The leadership team’s strategic vision and relentless pursuit of excellence is foundational to ATDC's success and the success of its startups.



John Avery


Statewide Program Manager

Ben Andrews


Lead Startup Catalyst

Marc Carson

Lead Entrepreneur-In-Residence

Chris Nedza


Senior Program and Operations Manager

Ivy Towns

ATDC Connect Program & Support Staff: Your Bridge to Success

ATDC's connect team & support staff cultivate relationships and expand the reach of our innovative community. The team's collective resources provide invaluable networking opportunities, fostering collaborations between startups and industry leaders, investors, talent, and government agencies. With tailored support and strategic introductions, ATDC facilitates meaningful connections that propel startups towards success.

SBIR/STTR Connect Catalyst

Connie Casteel

Administrative Professional

Quinn Elder

Investor Relations Manager

Caroline Ford

Corporate Development Manager

Corbett Gilliam

Talent Connect Manager

Sammy Rose-Sinclair

Community Engagement Manager

Aubrey Lenyard

Arquevious Crane

Marketing Specialist

Arquevious Crane

Event Coordinator

Alan Burnett

Event Coordinator

Courtni Lockett