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Welcome to Industry Connect, where our portfolio companies dive into groundbreaking pilot projects with our corporate partners. Our guidance is two-pronged: we equip ATDC companies with the insights to navigate the corporate ecosystem while advising enterprises on how our innovative portfolio of startups can give their business a competitive edge. The symbiosis fostered here is not just beneficial; it’s transformational.

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Testimonials That Tell Our Story

Our inaugural partnership with ManTech through Industry Connect underscores the program’s vital role in expanding ATDC’s sponsorship ecosystem, setting a precedent for future collaborations. As Corbett Gilliam, ATDC’s corporate development manager, eloquently puts it, “ManTech and ATDC are bringing the visionaries of today and tomorrow directly into the operations that safeguard our nation.”

Echoing this sentiment, Mario Montag, CEO of Predikto, credits Industry Connect with providing unparalleled access to corporate giants, leading to significant customer acquisitions and tailored messaging for rapid pitches.

The value of Industry Connect is also recognized in thought leadership, highlighted by the Harvard Business Review for linking ATDC startups with Fortune 1000 companies, sparking innovation and serving as a crucible for future technologies.

Corbett talks to Jason White about new and exciting innovations
Corbett talks to Jason White about new and exciting innovations.
Published on March, 2021
AlchemistX: Innovators Inside
Corbett Gilliam is the corporate development manager for the world-renowned ATDC.
Published on February 18, 2021
Article in the Harvard Business Review Highlighting Industry Connect
Published on March 01, 2016

Join us on a Journey of Innovation

Our corporate partners call on ATDC companies to de-risk their innovation pipelines and solve challenges. Explore the potential of strategic partnerships with ATDC’s Industry Connect where we work closely with corporate innovators to solve problems, tap into new markets, and maximize assets.

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