Tool Talk: B2B Marketing Through LinkedIn

2018-05-16 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
ATDC Community Room (Room 2525)
Address: 75 5th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA

If you’re marketing to businesses, you should be leveraging the many different ways LinkedIn offers to reach your target audience. Join digital marketing experts Stacy Sutton (Vice President of Marketing for ATDC Signature Company Clean Hands – Safe Hands) and Mike Rowan (President of KPItarget) to find out how you can use both paid and free methods to reach your prospects through LinkedIn.

Stacy Sutton is Vice President of Marketing for ATDC Signature Company Clean Hands – Safe Hands. Stacy has been passionate about digital marketing since 1995, when she began building websites at the Kilgannon advertising agency. She launched a search marketing agency, Big Drum (fka Prominent Placement), in 2001. Stacy sold Big Drum to Nebo in 2015 and served as both Senior Director of Conversion and Brand Ambassador for that agency before joining Clean Hands – Safe Hands last June.

Stacy earned degrees from U.C. Berkeley (Haas School, B.S., Business Administration, emphasizing Marketing) and the U. of Southern California (Annenberg School, M.A., Communications Management). She has won “Search Marketer of the Year” on both a state and international level.

Mike Rowan is President of KPItarget. Mike is a long-time entrepreneur and marketing executive. He has owned several companies and founded several startups in the past 20 years, so he brings a unique perspective to the table, not only from a marketing and interactive

perspective, but speaking from the client side of the table as well. He has a unique ability to get the right people on the bus when building a team, and has successfully accomplished this both for his own companies and his clients’.

As the Founder and President of KPItarget, he has worked closely with many firms to create their unique selling proposition, set up a comprehensive marketing strategy, and supervise the implementation of their campaigns to meet their KPIs. Mike has worked with large clients such as Kellogg’s, Aaron’s Inc., Homesmart, Zep, Costco and WhatCounts to design, implement, and manage their interactive marketing solutions. Mike holds a Bachelor of Business Management degree in Risk Management and Finance from the University of Georgia. Additionally, he is a huge fan of finance, all sports, and traveling to exotic locations.

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    About Georgia Intellectual Property Alliance 

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