Retail Technology Meetup: Conversational Commerce

Join us at ATDC’s Retail Technology Meetup for the 2019 series about “The Future of Retail.” Once a month we meet to hear expert presentations and discuss the trends and technologies that are reshaping the future of retail in 2019 and beyond!

Conversational Commerce

This month’s presenter is Rob Lathan, an expert in AI conversational commerce software products that businesses use to communicate with consumers. He knows how retailers can win using this technology.

The best way to put it is “…most corporations around the world want to have their own Alexa…” Conversational commerce can come in many forms that retailers can use to fulfill this need. No, it’s not just chatbots…there’s more. Imagine a world of just speech and no texting required to get information or buy what you need.

Come learn all about it during this month’s meetup.

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