Online Event: Drum Info Session

2020-05-28 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Atlanta startup Drum, co-founded last year by the founders of Kabbage, is hosting a session on Thursday, May 28th from 2-3pm to discuss how early-stage companies are thinking about growth in the age of COVID-19 and to introduce an exclusive offer they are making for ATDC portfolio companies.

Eric Nalbone (Head of Marketing) and Vikram Raju (Head of Business Development) will lead the discussion. Regardless of whether companies are pre/post-revenue or venture-backed/bootstrapped, we all have to find a new way forward. This year’s unique circumstances are changing the way everyone, including the Drum team, is shaping business strategy.  Drum wants to share how it could be a great fit for a wide range of early-stage startups looking to grow their customer base today. Portfolio and Choice companies also have a chance to book 1:1 appointments with the Drum team for individual discussions. Check your email for details.

Registration link