Online Class: Social Media for Startups: Convert Followers into Clients

2020-05-19 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Event Description:
During this interactive marketing webinar, Umama Kibria, the savvy startup CEO behind SweatPack and the personal fitness brand,, will give you tactical strategies to implement into your social media accounts to build your community, personal brands, convert followers into paying clients and build out your sales funnel. The Forbes “30 Under 30” founder will give you candid insights on how to authentically create content, collaborate, and engaging.

What you will takeaway:

  1. Social Media Guideline template
  2. Identify + Build Your Community (Followers)
  3. Templates for building out your content database
  4. 30 Days of Social Media Content
  5. Apps + Softwares to use on a budget for content automation
  6. Growth hacking collaborations with brands
  7. Working with influencers: contracts, deliverables + payments
  8. Engagement Marketing formula for customer discovery + sales
  9. Closing B2B and B2C deals in the DM
  10. Social Media Sales Conversion Process (Awareness, Acquisition + Retention)

About Umama Kibria

Umama Kibria is the savvy startup Co-Founder + CEO behind SweatPack and the personal fitness brand, As an honored Forbes 30 Under 30 leader, she’s made an impact in fitness, technology, and community building with her passion.

A highly sought after social media + community influencer in her own right, Umama knows exactly what it takes to build brand-loyalty, traction, and impact. Her clients Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Mercedes Benz Stadium, Bumble and others trust her for industry knowledge.


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    Both Customer Discovery Theory and Customer Discovery Tools are prerequisites to Customer Discovery Lab. Please take Customer Discovery Theory first which is offered the second and fourth Tuesday of every month. Once you begin Customer Discovery Lab, you are then expected to attend every subsequent Thursday until you graduate.