Marketing Monday: Why Building Brand Reputation Matters & How to Start

2017-02-27 11:30 am - 1:30 pm
ATDC Room 312
Address: 75 5th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA


Buyers do business with companies they trust. In the past, most entrepreneurs focused on building market trust through traditional PR methods, such as working with journalists to tell their stories. However, focusing on ‘other publics’ is a part of PR storytelling that young companies can use to build brand reputation and gain trust among buyers and influencers. If you have a handful of beta customers or are in a pilot or two and want to accelerate the buying cycle, join us for this interactive session on reputation building.

In this session, marketing and PR veteran Peter Baron will examine:

  • How do you find out who all your publics are, and which ones should you really care about, and when?
  • How do you create and empower brand advocates – customers, partners, employees, investors.
  • What PR tactics are most useful for building trust.

Participants are encouraged to come with a buyer persona in mind as it will serve as a frame of reference for concepts to be covered. 

About Peter Baron

Founder of Carabiner Communications, Peter Baron is a senior-level consultant, offering advice to clients on product positioning, lead generation and nurturing, and digital marketing. Through more than two decades of technology marketing and PR experience, Peter has the skills to recognize new trends and opportunities, helping companies plan strategies accordingly.

This class is only open to ATDC Accelerate & ATDC Signature Companies.