Integgra Presents: Valuation Issues for Startups

2020-06-08 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Business valuation is a mysterious subject in normal economic conditions. The current COVID-19 crisis has added further complexities to early-stage companies’ understanding of the process and their related decisions. Tune in to ATDC’s webinar on Monday, June 8, at noon with Integgra Valuation & Advisory Services president Gregg Ficery for a summary of valuation methods, recent private market activity, and current valuation considerations.

Gregg founded Integgra in 2011. He has nearly 20 years of business valuation consulting experience and has valued over 750 private companies. Prior to founding Integgra, Gregg held a Director position at Silicon Valley Bank’s former valuation group, SVB Analytics.

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    About the Class

    Protecting Intellectual Property (IP) is certainly important, but where does fit in the many priorities of any Startup business? We will address this important question in a round table fashion where attendees are encouraged to share their IP journey.  At the roundtable we will have a successful startup CEO and attorneys/advisors who have shepherded many Startups in the past with IP. This class is for any Startup aiming for long term success and wishing to learn from and network with IP experts.

    What you will learn:

    • What aspects of IP are most important to address and how should a young business address them?
    • How does IP and employment intersect?
    • What are best practices for IP security that don’t include filing for a patent or copyright?
    • What are the dangers and pitfalls of ignoring IP questions (or spending too much time focused on them)?

    The following subjects will be addressed over the course of the four-part series:

    1.       What Startups Need to Know About IP

    2.       Finding Value for Your Startup TODAY Using IP

    3.       How Does the World View You Differently Before/After IP?

    4.       IP in Action: How will you most likely use IP assets over time?

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