How to Build a Security Plan: Why Startups Need to Think About Cyber Security

2022-03-23 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Join us for an honest and enlightening discussion led by John Harmon, President of FRSecure, a mission-driven cybersecurity consultancy based in Minneapolis. We’re going back to the basics to better define cybersecurity, and break down the need to implement an effective program from the very beginning. Diving into the morality, costs, and even lives that can be at stake, John brings you the real reasons you should care about ensuring your company’s security from the ground up.



As President, John has developed an affinity for information security regulation. His primary focus us helping our clients clarify security requirements and start working toward an effective information security strategy. Internal process improvement is also a focus for John; as FRSecure continues to enjoy positive growth and reach, he is working behind the scenes to refine procedures and leverage our customer feedback to keep FRSecure providing ever-improving value.