HealthTech Huddle: Innovation in the Midst of Uncertainty

About The Event

On Wednesday, May 27th, at 5 pm, we will be discussing “Innovation in the Midst of Uncertainty.” Our guests will be Dr. Jayne Morgan, the director of innovation for Piedmont Healthcare and Isabelle Magnin of Ecosystem Innovation at Atrium Health. A better understanding of how healthcare trendsetters view innovation will equip us with the insight needed to meet and exceed our customers’ needs. I hope you will be able to join us!

About Jayne Morgan, MD

Dr. Morgan is responsible for developing the strategic trajectory and course of the Office of Innovation, as well as screening, analysis, and identification of all new inventions, ideas, and IP selected for acceleration within the Piedmont incubator. She manages strategic partnerships within biotechnology that support internal efforts, including negotiating contracts. Dr. Morgan also leads the Piedmont Healthcare Innovation Board in guidance and buy-in of innovation within an extensive healthcare system.

About Isabelle Magnin, MBA

Isabelle manages a portfolio of health tech startups, lead proof of concepts, and engage diverse international teams. She brings expertise in nonprofits, governmental organizations, and private firms, and has worked with over 100 companies and in 14 countries.