Green Tech Meetup – Transforming The Battery Industry

GreenTech’s newest UNICORN! Gleb Yushin, co-founder and CTO of Sila Nanotechnologies, will be sharing their journey.

About this Event : Transforming The Battery Industry
Sila Nanotechnologies, Inc. materials have set a new standard for batteries.

Materials research from Georgia Tech is now enabling space travel, revolutionizing the automotive industry, and contributing to clean, sustainable energy systems.

Come hear Gleb Yushin, co-founder and CTO of Sila, share their journey and answer your questions.

  • This ATDC event is open to the general public and does NOT require membership to attend.
  • If you’re someone with interests in building a tech company involving Circularity, Sustainability, and/or Clean Tech, this is the event for you to network with others of mutual interests.
  • With the increased interest and momentum in Circularity, GreenTech, and Sustainability, there’s no better time than now to build off of this with founders of the new technologies and innovative business models driving the change.

Here are some frequently asked questions

  • What is a circular economy?
    • A circular economy is designed to turn all the waste that companies and individuals process into a valuable, productive resource to be used again. It does this by reintroducing “waste” into the production cycle instead of disposing products.
  • What is circularity?
    • Eliminate waste + maximize use of resources
      Circularity focuses on creating a “closed loop system” by designing out waste and pollution at the onset of product design, and keeping products and materials in use as productive resources to be used time and time again instead of disposing of them.
  • What is Green Tech?
    • Green Tech are technologies designed to help mitigate, and even reverse, human impact on the environment. The goal of green tech is to protect the environment, repair damage done to the environment in the past, conserve natural resources and preserve the Earth’s natural resources. These technologies are generally focused on improving operational performance in manufacturing or to the product itself, while also reducing costs, energy consumption, waste, and other negative effects on the environment.
  • What is sustainability?
    • Sustainability is focused on reducing the demand of resources—natural, social, and economic resources—so that we avoid depleting the resources necessary for future generations to meet their needs and maintain ecological balance. In other words, “How do we meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs?”

***If you have a tech startup that involves Circularity, Sustainability, or Clean Tech email to discuss with an ATDC at Georgia Tech staff member about how ATDC can assist you with your venture.


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