Convertible Notes Demystified Part 1

2020-11-12 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Event Description:

You are out there looking to raise your first round of capital, or you need some funds to bridge you to your next milestone. What do you do? You’ve probably heard about “convertible notes”, but what does that even mean? In this series of webinars, former venture capital attorney and ATDC’s Investor Relations Manager, Brad Schweizer, will walk you through the ins and outs of convertible instruments. We will explore common terminology with a focus on what terms investors are looking for vs. entrepreneurs, and follow it up with an real world case study of when a convertible note was executed in an ideal manner.

What You Will Take Away:

  • Understand the terms you will come across on a convertible note
  • Why some terms are more important to investors than founders, and vice versa
  • When to raise funds with a convertible note vs selling stock outright
  • What to focus on and how to strategically use convertible instruments to your advantage

About Brad Schweizer:

Brad holds a JD/MBA from Emory university, where he focused on venture capital finance and law. Brad got my legal chops working for a law firm in Atlanta doing VC, PE and M&A deals. He decided that he wanted to be an entrepreneur, so he left the law firm to join a digital health startup as a co-founder and COO. At that company, they focused on providing data capture and analytics in clinical trials. They eventually sold the assets to one of their investors, where Brad spent some time helping the acquirer to integrate the technology, and helping to clean up and manage some of their other portfolio companies. Brad then took this role at the ATDC, where he helps ATDC portfolio companies to prepare for raising outside financing, meets with investors across the globe to learn about their investment criteria, and to tries to facilitate connections when they make sense.

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