CloudFish Presents: Personal Privacy and Data Protection in a Digital World

2020-08-26 11:30 am - 12:00 pm

CloudFish, an ATDC-startup specialized in cyber-security technologies is conducting a webinar on personal privacy and data protection. The purpose of the webinar is to increase cyber-security awareness and recommend some best practices that can prevent our personal and business data from falling in the hands of cyber-criminals.

The webinar will be conducted by Faisal Faruqi who is the CEO and co-founder of CloudFish. Faisal is a long-time Silicon Valley veteran and a visionary software architect, who co-founded two startups and previously worked in senior engineering roles for Oracle and Cisco. Faisal holds a masters degree in computer engineering from the University of Florida.

To know more about CloudFish, please visit the company’s web site at or watch the video at