ATDC HealthTech Presents: What’s Your Future Story?

Businesses of all kinds are being impacted by the current health crisis. In this discussion panel targeted to startup founders across industries, guest speaker Kristine Sickels discusses how leaders can handle the unexpected in a proactive and thoughtful way. We will discuss how the critical choices we make now, in the midst of crisis, will determine the future story of our businesses. Kristine will provide practical recommendations on approaches we can in times of crisis take to ensure our future story is the one WE want to tell.

About Kristine Sickels

Kristine Sickels is a former corporate marketing executive who lead initiatives across an impressive portfolio of consumer and B2B brands: Rubbermaid, Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Calphalon, Goody, and more. She has saved entire product lines from the unexpected. Now she runs her own marketing agency, focused on helping female entrepreneurs succeed through launching new ideas, building their brands, and growing their business.

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