About the FinTech Program

Georgia Tech’s Financial Technology (FinTech) Program at the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) proudly celebrates its eight years in 2023. The ATDC FinTech program creates a unique collaboration between a nonprofit, university-based incubator and major financial services firms to help launch and scale FinTech companies in Georgia. The FinTech program, launched in 2015, has focused on building and growing FinTech companies in Georgia. Since its launch, the program has evaluated more than 250 startups, has 25 companies in its current portfolio, and produced one unicorn, Greenlight, a 2018 ATDC graduate now valued at more than $2 billion. Visa, a trusted network and world leader in digital payments, is the current lead sponsor of the program. It will foster a partnership with ATDC that will provide the opportunity to support the local startup and FinTech community as the future of payments continue to look bright thanks to the world of innovative entrepreneurs. Startups accepted into the incubator’s program will be integrated into Georgia’s robust FinTech ecosystem, where more than 200 FinTech companies generating $72 billion in annual revenue call home. More than 70% of all U.S. financial transactions are handled by payment processing firms headquartered in Georgia.


  1. Make Georgia an epicenter for FinTech startups.
  2. Screen and accelerate a dedicated Financial Technology pipeline of viable Georgia-based start-up companies.
  3. Accelerate innovation by bringing together the FinTech ecosystem to facilitate transformational growth and development.
  4. Accelerate the commercialization pathway for financial technology startups by uniting technology innovation with industry and capital.

The types of companies we seek:

Financial technology entrepreneurial activity is very diverse across the state of Georgia. We welcome entrepreneurs and startups working on the following types of technology solutions to address real problems in healthcare:

FinTech Resources


  1. Entrepreneurial business advice from experienced FinTech coaches and industry experts.
  2. Introduction to top-tier investors and non-dilutive grant funding opportunities.
  3. Assistance with obtaining pilot programs with payments, banking, fintech, and other financial services organizations.
  4. Access to targeted FinTech content such as speakers, panels, and educators in addition to the existing ATDC curriculum.
  5. Networking and peer events with fellow ATDC founders, CEOs, and industry experts.
  6. FinTech events such as circles, conferences, use-case challenges, etc.
  7. Access and Introduction to FinTech Community Resources.

ATDC Mentor network

At any given point in time, ATDC has more than 50 active volunteer mentors. Mentors are tapped to advise ATDC entrepreneurs and companies on a variety of topics, ranging from developing funding strategies, contract negotiations, health benefit plans, financial planning and reporting to negotiating with angels and hiring for growth.

ATDC Marketplace

Leverage membership to access discounted products and services to help you grow your start-up through the ATDC Member Marketplace. Find discounted product and consulting services from vetted ATDC partners ranging from AWS credits to discounted digital marketing platform licensing to discounted legal and accounting services and platforms.

ATDC Design Studio

FinTech entrepreneurs who have a need to build a physical product receive help and guidance to make those prototypes and a space with their peers in which to they can do so. Access to the Studio is limited to Accelerate & Signature companies.

About the Lead Catalyst

Robert E. Daniel “RED”

Contact Options: Email | LinkedIn | Twitter RED’s Office Hours: Location: Zoom Call Tuesdays & Wednesdays 10:00 AM–3:00 PM Click Here to schedule a meeting with RED In this role, Robert manages the ATDC FinTech program, providing acceleration opportunities to portfolio companies, fostering their development and growth. He also manages ATDC relationships with investors, prospective business partners, CEOs, and community technology leaders to promote market outreach and business development in the FinTech ecosystem. Robert is an accomplished executive in financial services, management consulting, hedge funds, payment operations, wealth management, and FinTech. Before joining ATDC, he facilitated peer-to-peer sessions with leading companies in the banking, payments, and FinTech space to uncover best practices in their operations, compliance, risk, and fraud units. Robert received his Bachelor of Science in Management at the Georgia Institute of Technology and his MBA from Georgia Tech’s Scheller College of Business. Visa is a trusted network and world leader in digital payments, working to remove barriers and connect more people to the global economy. Our purpose is to uplift everyone, everywhere by being the best way to pay and be paid. Visa is involved with ATDC to generate excitement across the organization and establishing Visa in and around the Atlanta market. Visa’s financial sponsorship and leadership in the FinTech category will allow for continued growth and startup support for entrepreneurs in the program. As part of the sponsorship, Visa executives will mentor program participants and create connections to maximize opportunities to bring their FinTech innovations to Visa and its partner network.

Links to Visa specific websites:

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