ATDC is the Hub for Tech Innovation

Our vision is to make Georgia the best place on Earth to start and scale a technology company. For four decades running, ATDC has been housed at the center of academic excellence on the Georgia Tech campus. Synonymous with innovation, ATDC is the 'go-to' in the Southeast for tech founders on a mission to scale.

Cultivating a Community of Excellence

Made possible by a unique public-private collaborative model between Georgia Tech and corporate sponsors, ATDC delivers expert coaching, curriculum, community, and connections to our portfolio members. For 44 years, we've guided nascent startups into becoming fledgling, viable companies contributing to the Georgia, national, and global economy.

What’s our edge? In a word or, more specifically, the letter C.

  • Coaching: Our highly specialized, individualized, vertical-specific coaches.
  • Capacity: We are networked into a large talent pool for startups in search of world class staff.
  • Capital: Support for finding venture capital and nondilutive funding sources.
  • Corporate Connections: Access to pilots with our corporate innovation team customized and tailored to those partners’ needs.
  • Community: An expansive network of tech founders & mentors.
  • Curiculum: World-class facilities & ecosystem-wide programming.
Statewide Innovation Network

Connecting Georgia's Tech Entrepreneurs to Resources and Opportunities

Nestled on the Georgia Tech campus in the heart of Midtown Atlanta, ATDC’s flagship headquarters in Tech Square serves as the epicenter of Georgia’s tech innovation. We offer a vibrant community for entrepreneurs, investors, and tech enthusiasts. Our 48,000-square-foot space in the Centergy Building provides ATDC’s portfolio companies with the environment they need to thrive, amidst the intellectual capital of Georgia Tech and a thriving business ecosystem.

For startups focusing on physical products, ATDC’s Advanced Manufacturing Program and Design Studio offer an array of resources, from maker space tools to 15,000 square feet of wet lab space, supporting every step from conception to scale.

Branching beyond Atlanta, ATDC’s presence in Alpharetta, Athens, Augusta, Forsyth County, Peachtree Corners, and Savannah brings our unique blend of education, coaching, and connections to tech companies and startups across the state. Each location is tailored to meet the specific needs of its community, whether it’s fostering the next generation of blockchain innovators in Forsyth County or supporting healthcare technology growth in Savannah.

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