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ATDC Companies are Tackling COVID-19

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The ATDC and our member companies have been adapting while dealing with COVID-19. The ATDC has moved classes online, and has been continuing to work with our member companies in a virtual coaching environment.

“The good news is that the coaching and curriculum that ATDC provides works well in a virtual format. Our coaches are busier now than ever working with our startups every day to navigate this situation,” said ATDC Director, John Avery. “It’s been interesting to see how entrepreneurs are well suited for crisis situations. Since many of our staff are also entrepreneurs they have been very proactive to adapt our services quickly”

Meanwhile, a number of startups in the ATDC’s Signature and Accelerate portfolio are offering products and services to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. ATDC’s HealthTech Catalyst, Berkley Baker, has been working with companies in the HealthTech portfolio as they navigate these unusual times. “During WWII, about 850 private boats helped rescue over 330,000 soldiers on the beaches at Dunkirk. They came as they were, to help with the need. I’m grateful how many of the ATDC companies are supporting the frontline efforts of our healthcare community,” Baker said while discussing how ATDC companies have risen to meet the challenges presented by COVID-19.

From testing, to helping create safer environments for patients and healthcare providers, here are some of the innovative things that ATDC companies are working on during the crisis.

(This list is subject to updates, please continue to check back to see new initiatives from ATDC companies.)

Acivilate – Government agencies can now launch Acivilate’s Pokket​SM app within days for confidential engagement of vulnerable citizens as prolonged work at home becomes necessary during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pokket​SM allows government agencies to secure the health and well-being of its staff and citizens by minimizing the need for face-to-face contact, allowing all parties to collaborate and check-in via their smartphone.


Camellix/Protecteav – An ATDC Educate company in our ATDC Augusta portfolio has developed and is commercializing virucidal products against nonenveloped viruses such as norovirus.


Coordinated Care, Inc. – CCI is working with urban hospitals likely to be dealing with COVID-19 on their upcoming capacity issues, by moving stable, non-affected patients to rural hospitals for their post-acute care. This will free up space and staff in urban hospitals to allow them to focus on providing care for those affected by the crisis.


Corstrata – Technology-enabled solution provides patients virtual access to its board-certified wound and ostomy specialists. Given that patients with complex and chronic wounds are at high-risk for COVID-19, Corstrata effectively monitors and manages these patients as they shelter in place in their homes with the latest Telehealth and Patient Engagement Technologies.


Curricula – Curricula is offering free Coronavirus phishing tests that you can use to help train your employees. After seeing countless organizations fall victim to phishing scams, misinformation, and other cyber attacks, we wanted to do our part to help fight back. Remember, this phishing test isn’t designed to trick employees, it’s designed to reinforce positive communications behavior and create a lessons learned surrounding this tough time within your organization. Use the phishing test to create that moment within your employees eyes of how easy hackers can claim to be someone else and teach them how to recognize those threats in the future. Read more here.


Docsnap – Docsnap is the only mobile app that enables families to collect and exchange their medical records with their care providers with a touch of a button. Using HIPAA-compliant technology and healthcare standard formats for exchanging medical records, docsnap ensures every American can advocate for themselves and their loved ones during a medical crisis by providing their doctors with accurate data they can trust.


Dr. Noze Best – Developing a novel nasal suction device, the Nozebot, for caregivers to reduce the viral transmission of COVID-19 from children, who are often asymptomatic, to their caregivers. Infants and small children get 6 to 10 colds a year, and in this climate of heightened awareness of viral infection, many parents are using mouth suction devices to clean their infant’s nose, but putting themselves at risk. The Nozebot will provide best in class suction in a portable, rechargeable form factor that also allows the caregiver to hold their infant’s head and suction at the same time without suctioning on a tube and risking their own infection. Some of our users have also pointed out that the Nozebot may also be useful in elderly patients who are unable to blow their nose, thus reducing aersolization of viral particles and reducing COVID-19 spread.

Ethos Medical – The COVID-19 outbreak has placed immense strain on hospitals and healthcare providers, causing a rapid depletion of PPE stocks and forcing clinicians to take drastic measures to keep themselves safe. In confronting such a widespread supply shortage without a foreseeable end, Ethos and its partners are developing devices to address PPE shortages while improving resource utilization and material efficiency.


Field Pros Direct – Georgia-based insurtech IA firm and TPA, Field Pros Direct, launched a new feature to their mobile-friendly adjusting platform, which will allow Insurers to process claims without necessarily sending an adjuster on site. In effort to “flatten the curve” this will not only help protect adjusters, but will give policyholders peace of mind knowing they can still process their claims without risking exposure to coronavirus (COVID-19).



FortifyData – With cyber attacks taking advantage of the pandemic, FortifyData is offering their platform for free for 30 days to help businesses protect themselves during this crisis. Read more here, and sign up for their free service.




FraudScope – As COVID-19 spreads, Fraudscope is already seeing an increase in the number of fraud and abuse scams across the country. Existing fraud, waste and abuse detection technologies are not designed to identify such new schemes in a timely manner which could lead to significant losses at the health plan taking away precious resources from real patient care. FraudScope is the only AI-based technology specifically designed to protect health plans from losing their limited healthcare dollars to these new scams. Fraudscope can quickly deploy in a matter of weeks and can deliver impactful results. Learn more here.


EHLP – Using existing telemedicine platform, EHLP is currently working with partners in China to provide health consultations from the US to patients that are travel restricted due to COVID-19.



Grassroots Labs – Grassroots Labs is working with their lab testing partners to be able to participate in scaling direct-to-consumer COVID-19 testing as soon as possible. Currently, Grassroots Labs offers affordable lab testing services direct-to-consumers being served by digital health companies and/or medical providers using telemedicine services during the coronavirus pandemic. Lab testing is provided by national CLIA certified labs across 46 states.


Goodr – Goodr has started a breakfast and lunch service for Atlanta Public School students; working with school social workers to find homebound families in need. Read more here.



Hire Ground – Hire Ground is connecting frontline organizations to the personal protective equipment and critical supplies they need in order to stay safe and continue their work during this pandemic. The team is coordinating with manufacturers, educators, scientists, grocers, and suppliers in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. Here, hospitals and other frontline teams report what supplies they need and suppliers report what supplies they have. By aggregating this key data, HireGround aims to put life-saving equipment into the hands of frontline health workers and first responders as quickly as possible and bring transparency and coordination in order to help address the needs of our nation in real-time. If you have any questions or want to help with getting supplies to healthcare facilities, please email at info@hireground.io



Hub Hygiene – Hub Hygiene develops medical cleaning/sterilization products (IPA-saturated melamine sponges) which help stop the spread of preventable infections.



Keenly Health – Keenly Health offers a revolutionary patient and resident monitoring system that continually tracks vital signs, movement and visitor presence without leads, cuffs or pressure-based sensors. This allows for remote monitoring, and for patients to have virtual visits instead of in-person (contact) visits.



Lucky Labs – During these uncertain times, a lot of brands and retailers are taking a big hit both at physical retail and digitally since consumer shopping behaviors have changed. Lucky Labs is offering their platform for an extended period of time for free to help these brands and retailers drive purchasing online through personalized consumer experiences and gather insights from consumers to better retarget them with more relevant content. Learn more here.


Map Habit – As schedules or procedures change, MapHabit is the best vehicle to broadly circulate those updates to the extended community via a HIPAA-compliant, mobile application. Our step-by-step visual maps contain visuals + text + audio and help management teams evaluate compliance that messages are being received. We also have a group messaging function that allows for better collaboration between the associate teams during shift changes and ways customers can connect with the extended community during social distancing.


MedTransGo – MedTransGo is equipped to provide transportation and interpretation services for vulnerable populations. MedTransGo has developed protocols for their network of providers to decrease the risk of COVID-19 infection to our partners and customers. They are also working on an interpretation video conferencing platform that can also be used by their customers for telemedicine.


Medxoom – As COVID-19 spreads, there is an increasing demand for health insurance services. Medxoom FastTrack enables those in need to quickly onboard to our platform and receive our most in-demand features, such as virtual care and concierge support. Over time, Medxoom will continue working to match patients with the right health benefits and cost containment solutions and features.


Mogean – Mogeanis working with Emory and Georgia Tech on white papers and an NSF grant to study the movement of populations pre, and on-going through this crisis. For their retail-based customers, along with a partner, they are building a tool to visualize how their customers are moving or not moving and will help them identify when their customer bases begin to resume standard behavior patterns. This tool will allow them to save marketing money in the short-term, and enable them to maximize growth as we emerge from the crisis.


CloudFish – During the Covid-19 pandemic we have seen a significant increase in the number of cyberatatcks happening around the world.CloudFish, announces that for the next three months, it is offering its documents and files protection suite free of cost to individual users, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and small businesses with less than 100 employees. CloudFish provides an easy-to-use files security solution that leverages the industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption technology to secure the documents and files stored on local computers, smart phones, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and Microsoft OneDrive. The suite also provides a quick backup and recovery solution that uses Google Cloud as its back-end to let users recover their documents easily even if they loose them as a result of a ransomware or cyber-atatck.


Oncolens – OncoLens released a virtual conference module that enables multi-disciplinary groups of care providers collaborate remotely on the treatment plan for a patient. Especially in circumstances where the patient may have multiple co-morbidities, it is important for providers to engage with the patient’s primary care provider or specialists to make the right decision for the patient.


OXOS Medical LogoOXOS Medical – OXOS Medical is working with the National Science Foundation to modify OXOS Medical’s existing device and cloud platform to capture chest X-ray’s in low resource, mobile and at-home care settings for telehealth diagnosis of COVID19.


Physician 360 – Physician 360 is working on direct solutions for mitigating, managing, and treating coronavirus. Physician 360 offers on-demand video chat with doctors for acute illness, like Strep and Flu; we pair those consultations with test kits, that result within minutes, to maintain the diagnostic accuracy of the telemedicine encounter. They have a network of 700+ independent pharmacies throughout the country and use them as a way to deliver medications and test kits to patients’ homes. Now, using real-time epidemiological data and standard of care guidelines from the CDC, their network of physicians across 48 states are already offering consultations for coronavirus screening. For those that screen positive, in the coming weeks, we will be able to offer at-home sample collection and testing, so that patients can get accurately diagnosed without having to be kept in quarantine at the ER, without even leaving their couch and exposing others to contagion.


RelyFy – RelyFy Care Platform makes it easier for home care businesses and professional caregivers to provide care, and ensures peace of mind for clients and family members. They are now providing Covid19 safety and compliance training for homecare workers within their platform/app.




Rimidi – Rimidi developed a FHIR-enabled COVID19 triage, screening and monitoring app. A text-message based screening survey is delivered to patients prior to their in-person appointments or to specific groups of high-risk patients. As new evidence and protocols emerge from the CDC, they are rapidly incorporated into the app. As health systems adjust their workflows, the tool can also be used as a way to continually monitor quarantined patients’ symptoms, as well as to address social determinants of health during isolation. Read more here.


Smart Convos – Smart Convos is a conversational marketing platform that gives you the tools to build AI chatbots. They believe communication is important now more than ever and are offering their platform free to non profits and discounted to small business and start-ups. Learn more here.



SpeciCare – As COVID-19 causes delays in cancer surgeries, oncologists explore advanced diagnostics and treatment options with SpeciCare. SpeciCare works with cancer patients and their doctors to collect, cryopreserve and test their living tumor tissues after surgery or biopsy (if surgery is delayed). SpeciCare can analyze a patient’s living tumor tissue with drug response tests outside the body, providing more personalized treatment options for oncologists with no additional toxicity to the patient. SpeciCare is offering access to their services at low or no cost through June 30th 2020 to help cancer patients receive optimal care amidst the current pandemic. For more information please email info@specicare.com


Stackfolio – Stackfolio is connecting companies to SBA lenders who can assist with loans associated with the CARE Act and PPP. Learn more here.




Strados Labs – Strados Labs has created an innovative remote respiratory monitoring device with the potential to save patient lives and clinician’s time by reducing the burden on bed-side nurses. As the number of positive cases of the COVID-19 virus begins to rise, there are growing concerns about overloaded healthcare workers and hospital systems. Leading-edge technology from Strados Labs, the creator of the Remote Electronic Stethoscope Platform (RESP), is used to remotely record patient lung sounds that can be made available for playback or to be transmitted to telehealth workers and monitored for changes in status. Read more here.


Surefhir logoSurefhir – Surehir is developing a coronavirus exposure tracker tool works in real-time to identify clinicians with the highest risk of infection based on their total involvement with coronavirus patients. This tool will be available on the Epic App Orchard.


Thrust – Thrust’s motto is “Innovation through Collaboration.” They ares developing interactive educational content to reduce anxiety and misinformation related to COVID-19.





TalliTalli has adapted their event-logging app to become a symptom tracker for COVID-19. Those worried they or a loved one might contract COVID-19 can spot warning signs early and provide thorough and accurate information to their physician to support diagnosis and test/no-test decisions. And those quarantining at home following a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 can self-monitor and report to their doctors virtually during the follow-up period. Patients can share full symptom records, including photos, with their doctors via email.


Trust StampTrust Stamp has launched Safe14, a secure location tracking tool built on the company’s established core technology, that protects privacy through the use of cryptographic anonymization and matching algorithms. Safe14 revolutionizes the use of personal data during times of public health crisis by irreversibly transforming facial biometric data from periodic selfie check-ins and establishing the authenticated user’s Trusted Presence™ using a multi-modality location beacon. The only data stored is the encrypted location and tokenized identity of the user. and it is interrogated on a zero-knowledge-proof basis. Trust Stamp is providing zero-cost licensing to government, healthcare, NGO, and other non-profit users in support of global public health. Read more here.



Trudiary logoTruDiary – TruDiary is working to reduce complications during pregnancy by assessing Covid-19 symptoms in patients early, providing accurate information and collaborating amongst moms to be and leveraging real time advice from clinicians via remote monitoring, significantly reducing the risk of infection by eliminating in-person prenatal visits.

VIVA Finance – VIVA Finance is providing low-cost loans to individuals and families who are experiencing financial hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic.




Voiceworx – Voiceworx is using their VoiceWorx.ai platform to launch a Corona Virus Assistant. The Corona Virus assistant will help users get accurate information, guidance and metrics about the Corona Virus.



Voxie – Given the uncertain times businesses are struggling to let their clientele know how their supply chains, store hours, or ordering systems have been impacted. Using Voxie a number of customers have been able to alert their clientele to new policies around delivery only as well as sell them products directly in text message or shift store traffic to online to minimize the revenue implications.


YellowCard – YellowCard is helping to facilitate payments for PPE. They are currently helping counties in New York. If interested, please contact chris@yellowcard.io

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