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Synapse Announces First-Year Milestones Delivering Caffeine-Free Energy and Focus with World’s First Ready-to-Drink, Natural, Nootropic Supplement

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The Synapse founding team from left: Daniel Porada, chief technology officer; Shouvik Ganguly, chief operations officer, and Charles Lankau, CEO.

As functional ingredients continue to lead trends in the natural products industry and many health-conscious consumers rethink their relationship with caffeine, Synapse, maker of the world’s first ready-to-drink, natural nootropic supplement for energy and focus, today announced first-year traction and deepening relationships in the beverage industry.

Atlanta, Georgia-based Synapse is a startup in the Advanced Technology Development Center’s ATDC Signature portfolio of companies.

Following two years of extensive research, Synapse hit shelves in February, 2019. Since launch, the company has secured partnerships with natural channel distributors UNFI and KeHE, signed a distribution deal with Pepsi of Greenville, joined forces with Carolina Canners and was accepted to PepsiCo’s prestigious 2020 North America Greenhouse Accelerator program. Synapse is available in more than 300 retail doors regionally and is gearing up for major national retail launches in May, 2020.

Direct-to-consumer sales of Synapse since launch have quadrupled quarter over quarter, with strong repeat purchase behavior and overwhelmingly positive consumer feedback on taste and functionality.

Synapse’s flagship product provides a healthy, caffeine-free alternative to energy drinks and is crafted with plants revered for their ability to promote energy, focus and mental stamina with no artificial ingredients, jitters or crash. Its proprietary blend of natural and herbal ingredients combines ancient wisdom with modern science in a convenient, ready-to-drink form, using the category of cognitive-enhancing ingredients known as “nootropics,” which Zion Research projects to grow to $6 billion by 2024.

“In Synapse, we saw a strong brand in the mental performance segment and a rapidly growing niche of new age beverages with plant-based natural ingredients,” said Sterling Whitley, chief strategy officer, Carolina Canners Inc., an independent bottling franchisee of PepsiCo.

“We are on a purposeful mission to create a healthy, transformational and innovative brand,” said Shouvik Ganguly, co-founder, Synapse. “People who drink our product, particularly millennials and Gen Z, are excited to see healthy alternatives like Synapse on the energy drink shelf.”

The company’s lightly carbonated, Asian pear and ginger flavored cognitive energy boost retails for $2.99 per 8.4-ounce can.

About Synapse
The first seeds of Synapse were planted in fall, 2015, when Daniel Porada, a neuroscience and behavior major at Columbia University, met Charles Lankau, a biomedical engineering major at Georgia Tech. Over the course of their studies in the years that followed, they began to wonder, “What would happen if we created an energy product that didn’t just use caffeine to keep you awake and sugar to give you a jolt? What if we actually created something that helps your body’s own energy systems perform more efficiently?”

In 2016, they joined forces with Shouvik Ganguly, a seasoned beverage industry professional with 18 years at Coca-Cola, and work on Synapse began in earnest.

Today, Synapse, the world’s first ready-to-drink, natural nootropic supplement for energy and focus, is available at more than 300 retailers and direct to consumers at

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