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Advanced Technology Development Center Heads to West Coast for Two-Day Meetings with Investors

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Incubator brings 12 Georgia-based firms to more than 80 West Coast-based investors.

The Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), Georgia’s technology incubator, is taking 12 innovative and high-growth Georgia-based companies to the West Coast to make presentations to more than 80 investors from 70 leading venture capital and growth equity firms. 

The ATDC’s two Venture Showcases are scheduled for March 12 at DLA Piper’s Palo Alto, California offices and March 13 at Silicon Valley Bank in San Francisco. 

A dozen Georgia-based companies are meeting with California venture capitalists March 12 and 13 as part of the ATDC Venture Showcase.
A dozen Georgia-based companies are meeting with California venture capitalists March 12 and 13 as part of the ATDC Venture Showcase.

The companies represent Georgia’s technology strength in a diversity of industries that include supply chain/logistics, Software as a Service, artificial intelligence, financial technology, digital health, and data analytics:

  • Blocnets
  • DataSeers
  • Eletype
  • illuma Care Connections
  • Kobiton
  • Mercury Exchange
  • MileAuto
  • RoadSync
  • Safely
  • SmartPM
  • Voxie
  • Worthix 

Eleven of the participating companies are currently in ATDC’s portfolio. 

The initiative stems from ATDC’s Investor Connect program, which strategically matches the incubator’s portfolio companies with investor interactions. In addition to DLA Piper and Silicon Valley Bank, the ATDC Venture Showcase is co-hosted by Aprio, the Metro Atlanta Chamber, Morris, Manning & Martin, and Venture Atlanta. 

“These Showcases to the West Coast, New York and Boston are designed and curated for investors based in those cities to show Georgia’s rich ecosystem and portfolio of high-caliber technology companies,” said ATDC Investor Relations Manager Brad Schweizer. “By bringing some of our most innovative companies to the nation’s key venture capital centers, investors can see firsthand the funding potential and outstanding tech talent in Georgia and at ATDC.” 

In each of the last two years, ATDC portfolio companies have raised more than $100 million and since launching the ATDC Venture Showcases in 2017, Georgia-based tech companies have raised more than $60 million from investors who attended these events. 

About the Advanced Technology Development Center

The Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), a program of the Georgia Institute of Technology, is the state of Georgia’s technology startup incubator. Founded in 1980 by the Georgia General Assembly which funds it each year, ATDC’s mission is to work with entrepreneurs in Georgia to help them learn, launch, scale, and succeed in the creation of viable, disruptive technology companies. Since its founding, ATDC has grown to become one of the longest running and most successful university-affiliated incubators in the United States, with its graduate startup companies raising $3 billion in investment financing and generating more than $12 billion in revenue in the state of Georgia. To learn more, visit

About ATDC Investor Connect

ATDC strategically matches its portfolio companies to capital through curated investor interactions. The Investor Relations manager is available for consultations to help companies develop a focused funding strategy. In addition, the manager works with the incubator’s coaching staff for funding preparation. The outcome creates exceptionally engineered investor readiness, resulting in high value deal flow for investors. For more information, visit

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