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AgLogica Holdings Sells Vetrax Wearable Technology to Hills Pet Nutrition

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Marcel Sarzen, president and CEO at AGL Technology.
Marcel Sarzen, president and CEO of AGL Technology.

AgLogica Holdings (DBA AGL Technology) has sold the Vetrax® cloud platform, canine wearable sensor and related assets to Hill’s Pet Nutrition. Vetrax is a robust veterinary medical device and information platform that incorporates state-of-the-art sensor technology and data-sharing capabilities with sophisticated and proprietary dog-behaviour algorithms. Hill’s and AGL had been in a strategic alliance since 2015 to further develop and optimize the technology.

Terms were not disclosed. Atlanta-based AGL Technology is a member company in the Advanced Technology Development Center’s (ATDC) portfolio of startups. It also is a graduate of VentureLab, which, like ATDC, is a program of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

“AGL has had a wonderful partnership with Hills Pet Nutrition and the more than 600 veterinary clinics where Vetrax has been introduced,” said Marcel Sarzen, AGL Technology’s president and CEO. “The AGL team is very proud of the Vetrax system that has evolved in collaboration with Hill’s and our customers. Hill’s acquisition of the Vetrax system further validates the strategic value of AGL Technology’s sensor and IOT platform for animal health.”

Commenting on the acquisition, Jesper Nordengaard, vice president and general manager of Hill’s Pet Nutrition, said: “Vetrax has delivered unique value to both our commercial and R&D operations. We believe the technology can transform veterinary and pet parent care for dogs and, in time, for cats too. AGL Technology has been a valuable innovation partner for Hills. Taking ownership of the Vetrax is the perfect conclusion to the work that we have conducted in partnership with AGL.”

AGL will continue to market and operate the Vetrax technology platform in the veterinary pharmaceutical and animal health clinical trials market spaces. AGL will continue to develop strategic partnerships with animal health pharmaceutical companies and Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) to bring the real-world evidence that the Vetrax system uniquely delivers.

AGL will also market its sensor/IoT (Internet of Things) platform (same technology platform used by Vetrax) into additional innovation spaces. “AGL’s Sensor/IOT technology platform is proven and ready for the next innovation areas,” Sarzen said. “AGL is actively pursuing innovation partners in sports, human health, senior care, food animal, work safety and many more.”

About AGL Technology

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, and founded in 2014, AGL Technology is an IoT platform technology company best known for the Vetrax Advanced Behavior Monitoring platform – novel system that helps owners and their veterinarians manage animals’ health to provide the best quality of life for pets. AGL Technology is a Georgia Tech ATDC Accelerate at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC). AGL Technology works with strategic-development partners, including Microsoft and the Georgia Tech Research Institute. For more information, please visit the website at http://www.agltechnology.com.

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