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Georgia document retrieval company’s website launch to save real estate professionals time, money

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Fee Favor’s technology platform lets customers order documents, eliminates their need to drive to a courthouse.

Jeff Edrington
Jeff Edrington, founder and CEO of Athens, Georgia-based Fee Favor.

ATHENS, Ga. — Fee Favor, which is revolutionizing document retrieval for real estate industry professionals and others by helping eliminate the need to physically go to the courthouse, announced today the launch of its website ( with mobile app for iOS and Android devices soon to follow.

Fee Favor, founded in 2016, is a member startup company in the Advanced Technology Development Center’s ATDC Accelerate portfolio of companies.

While researchers can find much of what they need online for title searches, there are components of that work that require them to still go to the courthouse.

Using Fee Favor’s real-time software platform via its website and pending app, researchers and other real estate professionals can order offline documents theyneed to save them valuable time, money, and tripsto the courthouse.

“As the owner of a title search company in Georgia, I experienced firsthand the tremendous need for documents not available online,” said Jeff Edrington, Fee Favor founder and CEO. “A title searcher can spend more time traveling to a courthouse than actually researching an entire file. This has led to a very costly time crunch for some real estate professionals — about $200 a day in lost billable time by some researchers.”

Fee Favor’s industry-leading software platform connects title searchers at courthouses across the state of Georgia to anyone needing their services. Additionally, the service:

  • is developing a mobile app that allows a title searcher to upload courthouse documents and invoice directly from his or her device.
  • gives a real-time price estimate for every product and every county across the state of Georgia.
  • allows title searchers to select additional orders they want to fulfill instead of just waiting for their core base of clients to send them orders.

In addition to deed records, the Fee Favor service also allows for retrieval of probate/estate and county tax information, as well as civil and criminal name searches and other public records.

“Just as Uber connects drivers to riders, Fee Favor’s easy-to-use platform seamlessly connects real estate professionals and others who need public documents or search engine results with on-site courthouse researchers,” Edrington said.

About Fee Favor

Fee Favor, headquartered in Athens, Georgia, was founded by title searcher Jeff Edrington as a software platform to connect title searchers. Title searchers have been using social media to reach out to their colleagues for document copies because they have not had a platform that catered to them. Fee Favor’s platform gives experienced locally-based searchers the ability to retrieve document copies or name search results with ease and efficiency for customers who may not be able find these results online. Fee Favor allows these local researchers to earn additional income, whenever and wherever they please. To learn more, visit

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