July 18, 2018 in News from Our Companies

Quest Renewables And Interconnection Systems Complete Solar Canopy System Keeping Sturgis Cool

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Interconnection Systems, Inc. (ISI), in partnership with ATDC Signature Company Quest Renewables, completed the installation of a 54.6kW QuadPod™ solar canopy system at the Harley-Davidson Rally Point Plaza in Sturgis SD in just five days in June. The plaza is used as a central gathering place during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and for numerous public events during the year. The power generated by the system will offset energy used by the building that houses the Sturgis Public Library and City Hall.

Liz Wunderlich, P.E., City Engineer for Sturgis, had this to say about the construction and the system, “The Harley-Davidson Rally Point is an extremely important public space for the City of Sturgis. Both Quest and ISI did a marvelous job incorporating the new black powder coated canopy into the aesthetic aspect of the Plaza, and were respectful of property, events and of residents. Construction even took a break while the city had a parade going by during fabrication. I am definitely pleased with ISI, Quest and the finished canopy.”

The 54.6kW system features the QuadPod double cantilever system from Quest Renewables. 90% of QuadPod’s construction takes place on the ground, making construction three times faster. After on-the-ground assembly, panel placement, inverter mounting, wiring and lighting, the canopy units are lifted by crane for final attachment, minimizing overhead work and optimizing worksite safety.

Nate Conaway, Project Manager of Interconnection Systems, said of the solar industry, “[It] now employs more people than the oil industry.” He also said, “[The solar industry] is an industry that’s not going to go away.”

About Quest Renewables

Quest Renewables creates high value solar racking solutions that enable their customers to eliminate waste, increase value and enter new markets. Quest Renewables is an industry leader in design, engineering and manufacturing of commercial-scale solar canopies. Quest Renewables’ commitment to optimizing the total installation process results in more satisfied contractors, developers and property owners. For more information, please visit http://www.questrenewables.com/.

About Interconnection Systems, Inc.

Interconnection Systems, Inc. is a licensed Nebraska electrical contractor specializing in photovoltaic solar system development, design and installation within the state of Nebraska and nearby areas. ISI has installed over 10 megawatts DC of solar power in Nebraska. For more information, please visit https://isi.solar/.

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