July 11, 2018 in News from Our Companies

Ataia Medical Secures Seed Funding

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ATDC Accelerate Company Ataia Medical, a medical device company focused on improving communication for patients without interrupting treatment, announced it has raised a $300,000 seed round with the help of Green Park & Golf Ventures. Ataia Medical plans to finish product development and testing on its flagship medical device.

Ataia Medical was founded in Atlanta, Georgia by three Georgia Tech biomedical engineers and an Emory critical care physician. Atlanta’s fostering of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship inspired the team to move forward with company development after graduating from Georgia Tech. While the team has relocated to Dallas, they intend to keep a presence in the Atlanta startup community through ATDC and Georgia Tech.

Ataia Medical will join Tricera Labs, a MedTech incubator based in Dallas founded in 2017, supported by the resources of Theranova and Green Park & Golf. Theranova is a highly successful San Francisco-based medical device incubator lead by Dan Burnett. Chris Hanson, CEO of Tricera Labs, “Care providers we’ve talked with are extremely frustrated by their inability to communicate with their patients undergoing noninvasive ventilation and the resulting barriers prohibiting an efficient treatment. I’m most excited about Ataia Medical’s product offering because it has the potential to dramatically improve quality of life and get ventilated patients back on their feet faster.”

“We are excited to continue to support Ataia Medical on this journey.” Said Carl Soderstrom MP of Green Park & Golf, “The founders of Ataia Medical are a group of highly motivated individuals, that set aggressive goals and surround themselves with the expertise necessary to achieve them… while ensuring to remain committed to their goal of allowing patients undergoing non-invasive ventilation therapy to speak.”

“Our mission is to empower patients with the freedom to speak,” said Tyler Register, CEO of Ataia Medical. “We are bringing complex, verbal communication to a patient population that is currently limited to pointing out their symptoms. By giving these patients the ability to speak we hope to assist in more efficient diagnosis, higher patient satisfaction, and better medical outcomes for patients that require non-invasive ventilation.”

About Ataia Medical

Ataia Medical, founded in 2017 by a team of biomedical engineers and critical care physicians, is dedicated to empowering patients with the freedom to speak. They develop novel solutions to help patients communicate who are currently unable to because of hard plastic hospital masks. To learn more about Ataia Medical and their mission to empower patients with the freedom to speak, email contact@ataiamedical.com or visit their website ataiamedical.com.

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