June 19, 2018 in ATDC News, Blog

Advanced Technology Development Center creates new initiative for its graduates

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ATDC Choice is designed to keep incubator’s graduates engaged and connected.

ATDC logoThe Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), the state of Georgia’s technology incubator, has created a new initiative for its Signature portfolio graduates to remain engaged, get continued access to services and have the opportunity to give back by providing advice and expertise to startup company founders.

By choosing to remain a part of the ATDC family through the new ATDC Choice program, graduate companies can continue to participate in the incubator’s connection activities which introduce sources of finance, potential customers and campus resources as well as the incubator’s prototyping facilities.

In addition to these services, ATDC Choice members will meet regularly to provide peer-to-peer support to each other as well as ATDC Signature company CEOs. They will also have the opportunity to participate in panel discussions and guest speaking opportunities at the incubator.

“This is a great way for us to continue to keep our graduates engaged and help to ensure their success by providing ongoing access to resources, introductions, support, community, and activities as they grow and scale.”

Participation in ATDC Choice is optional and those who opt in will pay an annual sponsorship fee of $2,000 which will support and fund activities for Signature companies, as well as those initiatives designed to help startups in the separate ATDC Accelerate portfolio, McCracken said.

At least six ATDC Signature portfolio graduates have joined, including Brian Dally, co-founder and CEO of Groundfloor, a financial technology company.

“Out of many valuable benefits of ATDC, I most appreciated the opportunity to interact regularly with other entrepreneurs facing similar challenges,” Dally said. “I’m excited to participate in the Choice program to keep that going and to give back as well.”

About the Advanced Technology Development Center:

The Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), a program of the Georgia Institute of Technology, is the state of Georgia’s technology startup incubator. Founded in 1980 by the Georgia General Assembly which funds it each year, ATDC’s mission is to work with entrepreneurs in Georgia to help them learn, launch, scale, and succeed in the creation of viable, disruptive technology companies. Since its founding, ATDC has grown to become one of the longest running and most successful university-affiliated incubators in the United States, with its graduate startup companies raising $3 billion in investment financing and generating more than $12 billion in revenue in the state of Georgia. To learn more, visit atdc.org.

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