September 25, 2017 in Blog, News from Our Companies

Florence, Verady Form Blockchain-Related Partnership to Advance Healthcare and Clinical Research

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headshot of Kell Canty
Verady CEO Kell Canty

Florence Healthcare, an Atlanta-based startup advancing clinical research through software, and Verady, a blockchain asset assurance company in the financial technology (FinTech) sector, have partnered to develop applications to harness blockchain technology to advance healthcare and clinical research. The announcement was made Sept. 25 at the Distributed:Health conference in Nashville, Tennessee, a leading conference exploring healthcare innovation through blockchain.

Florence and Verady are portfolio companies of the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC). A program of the Georgia Institute of Technology ATDC is the state of Georgia’s technology incubator.

headshot of andres garcia
Andres Garcia, Florence Healthcare’s chief technology officer.

Florence is a leading workflow tool in clinical research and manages patient and trial data for thousands of clinical investigators and research sponsors. Verady develops technologies that make asset assurance through blockchain easy and secure. As part of the partnership, Verady’s application programming interface (API) will provide an easy-to-use, standardized representational state transfer (ReST) interface to abstract away the complexities of blockchain for Florence’s customers.

“Our technology allows healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies to fingerprint critical data and manage its use in a secure, Blockchain system,” said Verady CEO Kell Canty. “By controlling security and privacy through Blockchain, we help Florence to enable new uses of patient data and help research teams deliver new discoveries.”

The Florence-Verady partnership gives research site and pharmaceutical companies more control over patient data through blockchain,” said Andres Garcia, Florence’s chief technology officer. “Patient and clinical trial data managed through the Verady API allows research teams to take advantage of terabytes of patient data while respecting their health privacy rights.”

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