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FinTech Hack @ ATDC competition judges, mentors announced

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The FinTech Hack @ ATDC is the premier competition for entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and innovators who seek to take their ideas to the next level in financial technology.

ATDC, a program of the Georgia Institute of Technology that serves as the state’s technology incubator, is hosting the hackathon, which runs from Feb. 10 through Feb. 12. (REGISTER HERE)

Financial technology and services giants Worldpay US and TSYS are sponsors of the competition in which participating teams will compete for prizes cash, gadgets, and professional-services prizes valued at $100,000. Of that amount, the grand prize winning team will receive a $79,000 prize package, which includes $12,000 cash.

This year’s theme centers on the Internet of Things, specifically, wearable financial technology (FinTech).

In addition to the grand prize winning team, two other teams will each be awarded $6,000 — one for making the best use of Worldpay’s APIs and the other for making the best use of TSYS’ APIs. (While it’s possible one of the API winning teams might also be named grand prize winner, any team competing in the hackathon is eligible to win the grand prize.)

This is a serious competition with a blue-ribbon panel of judges and mentors who have a deep well of knowledge, experience, and success in the FinTech space:


Nancy Cox: senior vice president, solutions engineering, Worldpay US.
Lucas Timberlake: chief investment officer, FinTech Ventures Fund.
Scott Carter: group executive, digital innovation, TSYS.
Wells Burke: FinTech entrepreneur.
Moira Vetter, founder/CEO Modo Modo Agency; contributing writer, Forbes.













Winning teams with the critical post-hack engagement, mentoring, and support to not only create, but build and launch viable startup companies.


There will be prizes, including cash, gadgets, food, and some cool swag, too. Ultimately, participants will decide which ideas to work on using sponsors’ APIs. Contestants can work on their own projects or work on challenges presented to them by sponsors.

ATDC will post updates and more information in the coming weeks on ATDC.org, Facebook, and Twitter, but here are some key dates to remember:

  • Jan. 13: Judges and FinTech Mentors announced
  • Jan. 20: Prizes announced
  • Jan. 27: Challenges announced
  • Feb. 8: API video tutorials released
  • Feb. 10-12: FinTech Hack @ ATDC

Other key information:

  • WHEN: Friday, Feb. 10, 2016, from 5:30 p.m. through 9 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 10, 2016.
  • WHERE: ATDC, 75 Fifth St., 3rd Floor, Centergy Building at Tech Square in Atlanta.
  • RULES:
    • TERMS & CONDITIONS: As a condition of participation in the FinTech Hack @ATDC, you hereby release ATDC and the sponsors of this event from any liability with respect to the FinTech Hack @ ATDC and agree to these terms.
    • New Deliverables Rule: All code, prototypes, and design submissions developed for the FinTech Hack @ ATDC must be created during the event. Participants can bring their ideas, but all meaningful work must be created during the event.
    • Eligibility: To be eligible, all Hackathon participants must physically be present and working on site at the Centergy Building.
    • Development Environment: Sponsors will be providing sandboxing environments for participants.
    • IP Ownership: Participants will own their ideas, code, and work.
    • Refund Policy: For planning purposes, refunds cannot be given after 12:01 a.m. Feb. 3.

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