December 7, 2016 in Blog, News from Our Companies

SynapseMX joins GE Digital Alliance Program

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Shane Ballman, SynapseMX founder and CEO.

The GE Digital Alliance Program, a pioneering initiative dedicated to the growth of the digital industrial ecosystem, has accepted SynapseMX, an Atlanta startup in the Advanced Technology Development Center’s ATDC Accelerate portfolio.

Founded in 2015, SynapseMX is a software provider of cloud-based solutions focused on delivering real time data and operational insights to modern maintenance teams. With SynapseMX, teams communicate better and can be more productive with a platform designed for the way work gets done today — in the field and on the move — to reduce business interruptions from maintenance activities.

“We’re excited to join the GE Digital Alliance Program, using its expertise with the Industrial Internet, and our commercial aircraft operations background to further improve communication and productivity for maintenance teams,” said Shane Ballman, SynapseMX founder and CEO. “Until now, commercial aircraft operators have been forced to build their own solutions, which meant that only large enterprises could benefit.”

Aviation maintenance is still struggling to be brought into the modern day. Ninety percent of commercial aircraft maintenance records are still done with paper, and, laid end-to-end, it’s enough paper to circle the globe 25 times. Sifting through those paper records remains a challenge for organizations, translates to less-than-optimal maintenance operations, and frustrating aircraft maintenance delays. SynapseMX’s core mission is to make it easier for people to interact with one another — especially around the communication and planning challenges facing commercial aviation today.

SynapseMX’s technology provides aircraft operators the ability to sign-off maintenance electronically via mobile devices, manage and schedule maintenance through an easy-to-use interface, gain useful insights from their operational and historical data for more predictive maintenance, achieve real-time communication between team members with a smart notification system, as well as integrate with current software tools being used in organizations.

Ballman an aviation industry veteran, is responsible for helping the former AirTran Airways (acquired by Southwest Airlines in 2010) achieve operational efficiencies in part because of software he built to better manage its maintenance operations.

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