November 16, 2016 in ATDC News, News from Our Companies

CloudFish joins ATDC Accelerate program

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The Advanced Technology Development Center has accepted CloudFish Inc., a leading developer of cloud security products, into its ATDC Accelerate program and portfolio of startups.

CloudFish provides encryption based security solution for enterprises that leverage the cloud to manage their documents, emails, and enterprise data. Dubbed “encryption-as-a-service,” CloudFish lets users transparently encrypt their cloud-stored data by using a simple SaaS-based approach that does not require any technical knowledge or software installed at the user end.

With its latest product, CloudFish aims to simplify the way people use cloud services and provide the security businesses need to protect their assets in a mobile cloud environment.

CloudFish uses AES 256-bit encryption technology, which is compliant with the U.S. Department of Defense’s Level 6 security standard. This level of security protects the companies’ confidential documents, files, and emails stored in the cloud — even if the cloud server suffers a data breach or a hacking incident.

ATDC, a program of the Georgia Institute of Technology, is the state of Georgia’s technology startup incubator. ATDC Accelerate is the incubator’s by-invitation-only mid-tier offering for promising technology startups in Georgia before acceptance into the top-tier ATDC Signature program.

With a stellar record of success, ATDC Signature companies have collectively raised more than $2 billion in capital. About 90 percent of those startups remain successful five years after graduating from ATDCand 48 percent of ATDC Signature graduates have successfully been acquired, merged with other firms, or launched an IPO.

“We are excited to join ATDC as a top-tier innovator in cloud security,” said Faisal Faruqi, CloudFish’s CEO and chief architect. “CloudFish is building technology that provides an industry-standard encryption based security solution for the cloud that makes the enterprise cloud virtually unbreakable from any unauthorized access. With our acceptance into ATDC Accelerate, we see new opportunities for CloudFish to work closely with the leading innovators and entrepreneurs in cloud security and enhance our cloud security products.”

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