June 13, 2016 in ATDC News, Blog, RetailTech

ATDC adds three startups to Signature portfolio

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The Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) at Georgia Tech has accepted three companies into its ATDC Signature portfolio of startups.

The companies represent a diverse group of industries ranging from cyber security for the automotive market to energy, to safety protocol verification and monitoring for the restaurant and hospitality industries.

The startups include:

  • RaceIQ_WebRaceIQ Engineering: The company, founded by CEO James T. Jones, develops cyber security and performance software for the automotive market. The company aims to work with automakers so they can detect and mitigate vehicle data hacks, malware, and virus uploads. RaceIQ’s software secures the internal communication network, the vehicle, and all incoming/outgoing data. Jones, is a 2009 graduate of Georgia Tech with an MBA in global business management.


  • 1464875154821Emgry: Founded by CEO Emily Morris, this startup seeks to give its customers grid power independence through its technology, which taps into unused energy resources in small or shallow water flows to offset grid power consumption.



  • VeriSolutions: Founded by CEO Michael Crocker, VeriSolutions develops next generation safety compliance monitoring tools using mobile apps and iBeacons in the restaurant industry.

Startups designated as ATDC Signature, which undergo a rigorous vetting process, are those deemed most ready to succeed, get investors, and thrive as stand-alone enterprises.

They also receive one-on-one mentoring from an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) — businesspeople with a successful track record of developing and selling startups — as well as other ATDC offerings such as Industry Connect, which matches the startup’s offerings with the needs of the Fortune 1000, and Campus Connect, which links them to the resources at Georgia Tech.

There are currently 32 companies in the ATDC Signature program.

Since its founding in 1980, ATDC, which is the statewide technology business incubator, has graduated about 170 companies from ATDC Signature. Collectively, those companies have generated more than $12 billion in revenue and attracted more than $2 billion in investments in Georgia.

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