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ATDC @Savannah Bootcamp Participants

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Bootcamp Companies

Andy Cabiston- watsonworks.co
Online platform with tools and insights to help teams in organizations communicate and collaborate better with one another; increasing team performance and productivity.

Dragon Souls
Nick Batey- www.avantgames.net
Dragon souls, a video game that will allow you to play as a dragon in one of the available dragon flights: Black, Red, Green, and Blue. The goal is simply collecting all of the relics scattered throughout the world.

Faux Show
Cari Phelps- www.fauxshowtablecovers.com
A line of table covers that fits over folding folding tables to give the illusion of look like high end furniture for use at trade shows.

Blake Ellis- www.commercev3.com
An open source development framework for large scale commerce merchants.

Excess Capacity
Mark Bruemmer- xsCapacity.net
A secure online marketplace platform where trusted sellers list equipment, trusted buyers search for equipment, they want and arrange a transfer of equipment bound by a lease agreement and payments schedule. 

On the Rocks
Nate Washington- www.ontherocksapp.com
OnTheRocks is a mobile app that saves people money on alcoholic drinks by showing them the best deals nearby. Deals are crowd-sourced by other users, so listings are as accurate as possible. 

Dean Mccraw- www.mccrawenergy.com
Phloem is an app to greatly increase the efficiency of both log truckers and mills by allowing improved truck unloading data for sustainable forestry certifications. 

Greg Kolovich
A new handheld X-ray and digital camera solution, for use during surgery that will reduce cost and improve patient outcomes. Check out their recent progress.

Accelerate Companies

Ian Nott- aetho.co
Aeon is the world’s most ergonomic handheld stabilizer that keeps your video device steady so you get a perfectly stable shot every time.

Tristen Steele- thequickitapp.com
A mobile app for paying parking tickets.

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