April 8, 2016 in GT VentureLab, News from Our Companies

StarMobile Receives Notice of Allowance on first patent for rapid mobile app development technology

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Todd Fryburger is president and CEO of StarMobile.
Todd Fryburger is president and CEO of StarMobile.

StarMobile, a leading codeless, cloud-based solution focused on faster, simpler, and lower-cost delivery of enterprise mobility, said it received a Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a patent application related to its rapid mobile app development (RMAD) technology.

StarMobile is a startup company incubating at the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The company is in ATDC’s Signature portfolio of startups.

The company’s technology radically simplifies enterprise mobility by intelligently deriving the mobile app directly from the original application. Within the cloud, the solution employs a remote computing protocol called “MORPH” (Mobile Remote Computing Protocol for Heterogeneous Devices) to apply a series of transformations in real-time to render a native mobile experience to the end user. In this manner, StarMobile dynamically transforms any enterprise application into a native mobile app.

“This patent represents an important milestone for StarMobile, as it advances our efforts in building a robust IP portfolio in support of our value proposition of delivering enterprise mobility with unmatched speed, simplicity and economy,” said Todd Fryburger, StarMobile’s president and Chief Executive Officer.

U.S. Patent Application No. 13/991,028, titled “Systems and Methods for Providing Programmable Macros,” relates to “Aggregation” (macros), one of twelve key transformations that comprise MORPH. The primary benefit of Aggregation is the ability to simplify a workflow that would take multiple actions to complete on a desktop, into one single tap on the mobile device, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity of mobile workers.

This patent, the first of five patents pending, arose from research developed within the Networks and Mobile Computing Research Laboratory at the Georgia Institute of Technology, for which StarMobile holds an exclusive global license from the Georgia Tech Research Corp. (GTRC). StarMobile commercialized that intellectual property through Georgia Tech’s VentureLab, the No. 2 ranked university-based business incubator in the world, under grants from the Georgia Research Alliance (GRA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF), and at the ATDC.

The 23 allowed claims on this patent cover a full range of functions including the offline creation of macros, the presentation of macros to the user and the execution of a macro when invoked by the user. However, of most significance is the concept of an automatic macro recommender, called “AutoMORPH,” which uses machine learning to dynamically monitor a user’s interactions with the backend application and seamlessly auto-generate the desired mobile app.

“This patent is a critical building block of our current product capabilities and our future product roadmap,” Fryburger said. “Our vision is to make enterprise mobility as simple as enabling application or desktop virtualization. AutoMORPH is a substantially more sophisticated capability that automatically generates a mobile app for an individual user or class of users based upon how they use an application, where the app itself changes based upon the user’s behavior.”

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