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The top Atlanta entrepreneurs you need to know

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Jen Bonnett is acting general manager of the Advanced Technology Development Center.
Jen Bonnett is the ATDC’s acting general manager.
Mario Montag, founder and CEO of Predikto.
Mario Montag, founder and CEO of Predikto, an ATDC Signature company.
Jake Edens
Jake Edens is founder of REscour, an ATDC Signature company.

Atlanta is a hub of startup entrepreneurial activity, particularly around technology.

And the city also is known for its civic endeavors.

Several entrepreneurs have blended the two to create startups that not only disrupt their respective business sectors, but have civic impact, too., a news and ideas site centered on the technology community, has its list of the top seven entrepreneurs in Atlanta everyone needs to know, three of whom are from the Advanced Technology Development Center:

  • Jen Bonnett, ATDC’s Acting General Manager.
  • Jake Edens, founder of ATDC Signature company REscour: The company provides real estate investment professionals with accurate and continuously updated institutional-grade, multi-family listings, and data..
  • Mario Montag, founder of ATDC Signature company Predikto: The company makes software that analyzes the data generated by its clients to study the performance of their industrial equipment to reduce asset failures.

See the full story via this link.

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