March 3, 2016 in News from Our Companies

Rimidi forms partnership with Piedmont Clinic

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Dr. Lucienne Ide is co-founder and chief executive of Atlanta-based Rimidi.

Rimidi, an Atlanta-based digital health startup company, and Piedmont Clinic announced a partnership designed to offer enhanced care for patients with diabetes using Rimidi’s software platform. Under the agreement, Piedmont Clinic will offer Rimidi’s Diabetes+Me® software in six primary care and endocrinology clinics in metro Atlanta and across Georgia.

“We are excited to work together with Piedmont Clinic on this important initiative as diabetes affects approximately 1 million people in Georgia,” said Dr. Lucienne “Lucie” Ide, Rimidi CEO. “As our healthcare system shifts to patient-centered care delivery models, innovative medical providers like Piedmont Clinic are turning to technology like Rimidi’s to improve care and enhance support for their patients.”

Rimidi, is a Signature company of the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) at Georgia Tech.

ATDC works with technology startups across Georgia and those accepted into its Signature program are deemed most ready and closest to being viable, successful stand-alone companies. Cox Enterprises, the Atlanta-based media company, recently took an equity stake in Rimidi, which was named one of the Technology Association of Georgia’s top 40 most innovative companies of 2016.

Rimidi’s technology empowers healthcare systems to deliver more efficient care to patients with diabetes, improve patient quality of life, and decrease the financial burden of diabetes on the healthcare system and patients, the company says. Rimidi’s Diabetes+Me cloud-based data analytics platform allows clinicians to make personalized medical decisions and model the effect of treatment changes on individual patient outcomes.

The Piedmont Clinic is a clinically integrated network comprised of more than 1,300 physicians across the greater Atlanta area. Piedmont Clinic has been using technology to innovate, provide a better experience for their patients and improve health outcomes. Piedmont officials say this is another step in that direction.

“We are continually exploring new ways to engage with our patients to drive improvements in their health and quality of life,” said Karen Duffard, Vice President of Operations and Strategy for the Piedmont Clinic. “We are interested in evaluating how Rimidi’s platform may impact our patients’ accountability to their care plans and foster communication and support between our patients and providers between office visits.”

As part of the program, patients can download the Diabetes+Me mobile app that can be paired with connected glucose monitors that measure blood glucose levels. In addition to tracking their glucose levels, patients can use the app to track other health data, such as diet, exercise, and stress, and also review educational material about diabetes.

Doctors and other clinicians can use Rimidi’s unique clinical decision support algorithms to make targeted treatment decisions about patient care and can share that information with the patient via the secure software platform. The data can be used to help determine whether a medication change is needed, or a behavioral modification such as a change in diet or exercise is more effective.

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