January 18, 2016 in Blog, News from Our Companies

StarMobile, REscour among ‘5 Startups to Watch’ list

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Venture Atlanta released its “5 Startups to Watch in 2016” list and it includes two — StarMobile and REscour — that are Signature companies of the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC).

StarMobile allows customers to extend their current enterprise applications to users on any mobile device at 5 to 20 of the cost and time of other solutions.

http://atdc.org/companies/starmobile/Why Venture Atlanta says the company should do well in 2016: IT spending on mobility is on the rise. In a September 2015 study conducted by research firm IDG Enterprises, 70 percent of respondents said they will spend close to 20 percent of their IT budgets on mobility and another 25 percent said it was going to take up between 20 and 50 percent of their 2016 budget. StarMobile is making moves to capture this market with its codeless enterprise mobile enablement technology which lets IT department create mobile app versions of their enterprise software systems without the need for programming.

http://atdc.org/companies/rescour/Why Venture Atlanta says the company should do well in 2016: The company’s solution featuring rich data presented in a modern interface is timely. Trends point to commercial real estate professionals increasingly calling for real time data and technology tools that offer consumer app like experiences. REscour raised $2.9 million in funding in 2015 from blue chip investors and venture capital firms including Jason Calacanis, Mosley Ventures, Tom Cousins’ Nonami Investments and former AutoTrader.com CEO Chip Perry.


See Venture Atlanta’s full 2016 list via this link.

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