December 14, 2015 in ATDC News

Expedia selects MessageGears for email marketing

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Dan Roy, MessageGears' CEO.
Dan Roy, MessageGears’ CEO., one of the world’s leading travel companies, said it selected MessageGears to serve as one of its enterprise email marketing solutions. Expedia plans to implement the MessageGears hybrid email marketing solution throughout many of the brands in its extensive portfolio.

Through its email marketing offerings, MessageGears, a 2014 Signature graduate of the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), provides email, automation, testing, and segmenting tools for large organizations.

With MessageGears’ hybrid email marketing solution, Expedia does not have to replicate data and send it to the cloud. Instead, Expedia is able to access the most up-to-date data from the company’s secure, internal database, while making use of the cloud to handle resource-heavy tasks, such message rendering and delivery without having to replicate, sync, or store data in the cloud. The end result is more personalized, relevant, and efficient messaging using the freshest data available from consumer touch points.

“MessageGears provides us with unique benefits, including real-time access to our customer data from a centralized database. This allows us to increase the personalization and relevancy of our communication with our customers,” said Scott Grove, senior director of technology at “In addition, MessageGears helps us achieve consistency across our email marketing platforms so we can maintain an up-to-date global view of customer engagement.”

Those were two critical components MessageGears said it sought to tackle.

“The volume of messages Expedia sends means the company has some of the industry’s most demanding requirements when it comes to email marketing and customer data management,” said Dan Roy, MessageGears’ CEO. “The MessageGears team helped Expedia meet these challenges head-on, enhancing the company’s ability to send timely and relevant messages.”

Through working with enterprise clients, such as Expedia, MessageGears has experienced explosive growth. The company’s email volume has quadrupled since 2014, while still maintaining industry leading uptime. Current MessageGears clients include ClickDimensions, Music Today, PGi, Pursuant Health, Right On Interactive, Runkeeper, and Sabre Travel Network. MessageGears expects monthly message volume to exceed 2 billion by the end of 2016.

“Starting any technology company, especially an enterprise software company, is no easy task,” Roy said. “It requires vision, patience, and credibility that we could not have achieved without the support of ATDC.”

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