November 13, 2015 in Blog, News from Our Companies

Emcien Obtains Patent for Self-Querying System

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sKp6hNjo_400x400Emcien, a 2008 Signature graduate of the Advanced Technology Development Center, said it obtained a federal patent — U.S. patent 9,171,046 — which will serve as a key component of the company’s automated data analysis software. The technology is a form of advanced machine learning that can be thought of as an automatic self-querying engine or system, enabling an automated process for the detection of highly relevant patterns in data.

The patent represents a major advance in the field of analytics by offering a common method for numerical and categorical data within the same data set, the company said. This is particularly relevant for analyzing data from the connected devices of the Internet of Things, where much of the data is categorical. FULL STORY.

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