July 31, 2015 in Blog

ATDC hosts Break Into Business summer camp for kids

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By Monica Lage

Break Into Business
Students from Atlanta elementary and middle schools spent a week at ATDC learning how to build and launch a business through the Break Into Business program. (Photo credit: Hannah Burke)

Twenty-eight excited elementary and middle school students walked through the doors of the Centergy Building on Monday, July 27 in the hopes of starting their own businesses. By Friday, July 31, after graduating from Break Into Business (BiB), these students left as successful entrepreneurs.

The Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) hosted BiB, a business summer camp focused on youth entrepreneurship during the week. Students learned about BiB’s “Four Ps of Entrepreneurship”: Product, Price, Promotion, and Pitch.

They chose a product, created a budget. conducted market research, starred in commercials, built websites, entered the Shark Tank, and finally put what they learned into practice by launching their own businesses at Tech Square.

Offerings included baked goods, air fresheners, cold drinks, and pet snacks and toys. The students also donated 10 percent of their profit to charity and then split the remainder — enjoying the fruits of their work and the first taste of business success.

We are so proud of these brilliant entrepreneurs!

Ms. Lage is director of Break Into Business, an organization that seeks to educate and inspire Atlanta’s next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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