July 23, 2015 in News from Our Companies

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awards patent to Cognosos

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Jim Stratigos is co-founder and CEO of Cognosos.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded Cognosos, which provides “sensing as a service,” with a patent for its innovation in wireless communications for “Methods and Systems for a Distributed Communications Network.”

Founded by Jim Stratigos, Sanjoy Malik, and Nish Parikh in 2015, Cognosos is a Signature company of the Advanced Technology Development Center.

The company is developing an innovative wireless technology based on a patent awarded to Stratigos, the company’s CEO. Cognosos is using the patented technology to provide sensing services that will enable millions of low-cost, battery-operated sensors to transmit periodic measurements of environmental information to a web-hosted platform.

Through this distributed network of cloud-connected gateways, Cognosos’ sensors will be able to achieve greater range and longer battery life than current wireless technologies. Combing low power and wide area (LPWA) communications will enable customers to gather data that has so far remained hidden due to the high costs of manual collection and existing wireless networks.

“There is a rapidly growing need to use sensor data to improve enterprise operations, reduce energy spend, and generally inform companies with information about their assets and the environment. From smart agriculture to smart cities to asset tracking we are seeing a real need for a new way of providing more efficient wireless sensing services that can achieve the range of cellular,” Stratigos said. “Our clean-slate approach to solve the problem is a wireless sensing service designed to meet the economic needs of a large number of markets and customers.”

Analysis Mason, a global telecommunications, media, and technology consultancy projects that by 2020, the market for LPWA connections that cannot be served with existing wireless services will exceed 1 billion connections. Precision farming, waste management, energy management and asset tracking are projected to produce significant opportunities for companies providing services based on LPWA technology.

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