July 17, 2015 in Advanced Manufacturing, News from Our Companies

Sensiotec wins innovation contest

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Sensiotec CEO and founder Robert Arkin.

The National Readmission Prevention Collaborative (NRPC) named Sensiotec one of its two winners of its National Readmission Prevention Collaborative Innovation Contest.

Sensiotec, a Signature company of the Advanced Technology Development Center, developed the world’s first, completely non-contact patient monitoring biosensor panel.The panel is placed unobtrusively under a patient’s bed at the point of care, providing a completely passive patient monitoring experience unencumbered by electrodes, pads, tape or wearables that touch the skin or otherwise require direct or indirect contact with the patient.

(RightCare Solutions, a care transitions software technology company, was named the winner in the software category.)

“We are very pleased that the National Readmission Prevention Collaborative has recognized, with this prestigious award, the important contribution that Sensiotec’s non-contact patient monitoring solution can bring to providers across the continuum,” said Robert Arkin, Sensiotec’s founder and CEO. We believe the application of this technology will represent a disruptive innovation that improves patient care and outcomes, increases patient safety, and controls costs, and, in the process, helps move healthcare where it needs to go.”

The National Readmission Prevention Collaborative was created to showcase best practice care coordination case studies. The NRPC has the most comprehensive set of care coordination case studies on the web, showcased for providers around the world to access best practices. The organization also has a readmission certification for healthcare professionals and tool kits to improve care coordination and reduce unnecessary hospital admissions.

“It was amazing to see all the different technologies and innovations out there, but Sensiotec and RIghtCare stood out above the rest,” said Dr. Josh Luke, founder of the National Readmission Prevention Collaborative. “It’s not just the technology that made these two stand out, but both are user friendly and extremely affordable solutions. Both products benefit providers across the continuum, not just acute providers.”

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