July 16, 2015 in Advanced Manufacturing, News from Our Companies

Predikto announces deal with New York Air Brake

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Mario Montag, founder and CEO of Predikto.
Mario Montag, founder and CEO of Predikto.

New York Air Brake, a maker of train control products and systems, will use Predikto‘s MAX predictive analytics platform in its advanced train control technology offerings.

New York Air Brake, a subsidiary of Germany’s Knorr-Bremse Group, said incorporating Predikto’s technology will help improve safety, give clarity to critical maintenance and performance indicators and enhances the investments railroad companies have made in technology upgrades.

Predikto, a Signature company of the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), makes software that analyzes the data generated by its clients to study the performance of their industrial equipment to reduce asset failures.

New York Air Brake will integrate Predikto’s analytics component into its Locomotive Engineer Assist/Display & Event Recorder (LEADER) product. Predikto’s patent pending offering — MAX — is an auto-dynamic machine learning engine that draws upon LEADER train data in addition to capturing data external to the train itself, such as weather and line of road conditions. MAX is a self-learning artificial-intelligence solution that adapts itself to rapid changes in context in near real-time in order to provide the most accurate forecasts possible across an array of use-cases.

“Integrating predictive analytics with the rich train information from LEADER will allow the railroads to utilize their data to proactively identify opportunities to improve operating efficiency and rail safety,” said Mario Montag, Predikto’s CEO, said in a statement. “Partnering with a premier technology company in the rail industry, such as New York Air Brake, will allow Predikto’s award-winning platform to make a defining impact on the rail industry.”

The MAX platform is already successful in the rail industry through forecasting failures and health in rail equipment ranging from bullet trains in Europe to wayside detection equipment in North America. This partnership will allow for the deployment of dynamic predictive capabilities that include a locomotive energy efficiency forecaster, a braking efficiency forecaster and track health.

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