April 29, 2015 in News from Our Companies

Cox Enterprises makes investment in Rimidi

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Dr. Lucienne Ide is co-founder and chief executive of Atlanta-based Rimidi.

Cox Enterprises, the Atlanta-based communications and media conglomerate, said it made an investment in Rimidi, a digital health company focused on diabetes and other chronic conditions. Terms of the investment were not disclosed, but it marks a major milestone for Rimidi, which is a Select Company of the Advanced Technology Development Center.

The investment will allow Atlanta-based Rimidi to expand into additional markets and seek collaborative opportunities. “We are thrilled to receive this investment from Cox Enterprises, a company that embraces innovation and collaboration and is helping shape the future of healthcare,” Lucienne Ide, Rimidi’s CEO, said in a statement. “The funding will allow us to accelerate the expansion of our solution that helps physicians and patients better manage chronic diseases.”

The company’s flagship product, Diabetes+Me, provides a cloud-based platform for diabetes management. Through its software platform, patients can track their health and lifestyle data, as well as obtain medical and nutritional information about their condition. The care team can leverage the data through proprietary analytics for better decision making for treatment options, population management and improved care.

Rimidi has received funding from SOURCE, a partnership between the Hitachi Foundation, Investor’s Circle and Village Capital. The company also received funding from the JumpFund, whose mission is to invest women’s capital in female-led companies with growth potential. 

Cox Enterprises’ investment follows two health-related announcements earlier this year made by its Cox Communications, subsidiary. In February, Cox Communications partnered with the Cleveland Clinic to form Vivre Health, a groundbreaking strategic alliance to bring world-class healthcare to the home through innovative telehealth and home health solutions. The company also announced an investment in HealthSpot, a pioneer in patient and provider driven telehealth technology. Cox Enterprises’ companies have long supported the healthcare industry through technology products and advertising solutions.

“Cox Enterprises is excited to work with Rimidi,” said Alex Taylor, Cox Enterprises’ executive vice president. “We like supporting local entrepreneurs like Lucie, and we are excited to see her transforming our healthcare system for the better. Data and analytics will help our communities be healthier and happier – some of the same reasoning that led us to invest in HealthSpot and set up Vivre, a joint venture with Cleveland Clinic.”

Cox Enterprises’ holdings include Autotrader, Valpak, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and WSB-TV, among other properties.

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