March 23, 2015 in ATDC News

Startup Showcase graduates’ success is in clients’ growth

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By Péralte C. Paul

The 13 Select companies graduating class in the upcoming 2015 ATDC Startup Showcase are successful in their own right.

But their success shows how the development of different technologies can be the engines that fuel the growth of other businesses.

For the 13 firms — all of which will be honored at the April 2 Showcase event in a graduation ceremony sponsored by the AT&T Foundry — their business is the success of their clients.

These three underscore that point:
Brian Crow

Verdeeco: The company, which was co-founded by Brian Crow, who is CEO, helps utilities manage the massive amount of data created by smart grid devices. Verdeeco, which sells big data management and analytic applications to the utility industry, helps utilities managers understand the story being told by the data produced. The data helps its clients optimize their resources and gain insight into trends and anomalies, as well as spot problems before they manifest into larger issues. Crow is a utility industry veteran whose entire career has been focused on finding solutions to the challenges utilities face across their enterprise.
Aaron Biddar

Social123: The company identifies all of the missing or inaccurate records in its clients’ databases and enrich it with more than 30 fields of social data including industry, title, company, skills, group affiliations, and more. Social123, led by CEO Aaron Biddar, will validate each and every email to determine validity as well as a risk assessment. The company’s 300 million-person database is sourced from the individuals themselves through their publicly available social profiles. Social123’s customers use the firm to recover lost data, enhance their existing contacts, validate their email addresses for accuracy, and originate targeted lists of buyers. Biddar has nearly 20 years’ experience in the software industry. Prior to joining Social123, he was was executive vice president of sales and marketing at the Port Network, a software-as-a-service-based social media platform.
Brooks Robinson

Springbot: Founded in 2012, the company delivers an eCommerce marketing platform that helps small and medium online businesses (SMBs) optimize their digital marketing. Springbot is a Gold Industry Partner of Magento, an eBay company, and has combined the power of marketing automation and marketing analytics to deliver its Marketing Robotics service. Its software-as-a-service offering integrates and makes simple the data, content, and multi-channel marketing tools (social,online, email, etc.). Springbot helps eCommerce SMBs grow their revenue by taking smarter, data-driven marketing actions. The company CEO, Brooks Robinson, who also is co-founder, co-founded Cbeyond, a telecommunications and IT company. He led Cbeyond’s marketing organization, including business strategy, product marketing, sales operations and communications.

The 2015 ATDC Startup Showcase is Thursday, April 2 at the Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center. Come see ATDC’s most promising startups demonstrate their technologies. Don’t miss the ATDC Fast Pitch in collaboration with Venture Atlanta. Click here for more information and to register.

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