March 15, 2015 in ATDC News

Startup Showcase graduates reflect technology’s sector diversity

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By Péralte C. Paul

The 13 Select companies that comprise this year’s graduating class in the upcoming 2015 ATDC Startup Showcase underscore how technology drives change across a diverse roster of business sectors.

From healthcare and augmented reality to greentech and manufacturing, these startups show that technology not only creates new industries, but also changes and strengthens existing ones.

 All 13 will be honored at the April 2 event in a graduation ceremony sponsored by the AT&T Foundry.

 To graduate out of ATDC’s Select program, these startups had to meet several criteria: annualized revenue of at least $1 million, an identified scalable business model, and the ability to finance growth.

 In advance of and leading up to the Showcase, ATDC will present mini-profiles of each for a deeper understanding of their technologies and the leaders behind the companies. 

Here are the first three:
Jeff Leaders

Soneter: Co-founded in 2010 by Jeff Leaders, who is CEO, Soneter is a greentech company. Its technology — easy-to-install water flow/leak sensors that deliver real-time monitoring and alerts — lets property owners detect water leaks and monitor water usage without having to cut pipes to install meters. Its smart metering technology is non-invasive and uses ultrasound signals and proprietary algorithms to measure water flow and detect any potential leaks via a wireless sensor that clamps around a pipe. Leaders, who spent 15 years in the multifamily housing industry, said the idea behind the technology came from his desire to address what he saw as two growing challenges, the need to be better stewards of water resources and to raise awareness of actual usage.
Margaret Martin

CN2: (formerly Merlin Mobility): The company, founded my Margaret Martin, creates mobile augmented reality (AR) content that enable its customers to measure its effectiveness. CN2 uses AR to deliver technical instructions to iOS and Android devices. Equipment, tools or parts are viewed “live” through the camera of a mobile device. While viewing, a transparent layer appears, providing step-by-step instructions.  The company also creates content designed to increase positive interactions between consumers and brands. The Georgia Aquarium, for example, hired the company to redesign the multisensory experience of its children’s learning exhibit, the “Aquanaut Adventure: A Discovery Zone.”
Rafael Andino

Biofisica: Biofisica is an advanced wound care medical device company formed to develop, manufacture, and market unique and cost effective products for the global soft tissue regeneration market. The company, which was founded by Rafael V. Andino, its CEO, developed a “smart dressing” (POSiFECT®) to initiate and accelerate the natural healing process by utilizing proprietary electrical stimulation technology. The dressing technology allows the device to adapt and customize to the wound environment and expedite healing in a wide variety of wound conditions, including non-responsive chronic wounds.

The  2015 ATDC Startup Showcase is Thursday, April 2 at the Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center. Come see ATDC’s most promising startups demonstrate their technologies. Don’t miss the ATDC Fast Pitch in collaboration with Venture Atlanta. Click here for more information and to register.

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