February 11, 2015 in Advanced Manufacturing, Blog, News from Our Companies

SoftWear Automation could be key to ‘Made in USA’ label’s return

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Softwear Automation“Made in the USA” isn’t often the phrase one is likely to find on his or her clothing tags.

But SoftWear Automation, a Select Company at Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), is betting that high-tech innovation is the key to bringing back clothes manufacturing to the United States.

SoftWear Automation fully automates production lines for robotic cutting and sewing of garments. The company has collaborated with Georgia Tech on the development of those robots used to make precision-sewn products out of pliable fabrics used in clothing and even carpets.

The trend to outsource clothes manufacturing overseas was fueled in part by higher labor costs. But the high-tech innovation SoftWear’s robotic technology brings to manufacturing will cut costs, allow clothes makers to respond faster to consumer changes, and give retailers better inventory control, Georgia Tech professor Sundaresan Jayaraman told Fox News Channel in a recent interview.

What’s more, the jobs connected to the sector’s return to the U.S. will be high-tech and high-skilled positions, said Jayaraman, who is a Kolon Professor at Tech’s Scheller College of Business and the School of Materials Science and Engineering.

See the full Fox News Channel story at this link.

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