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How to Take Your Idea from Invention to Prototype

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Shane Matthews

By Jenny Bass

Georgia’s startup community is seeing a surge in companies that want to build physical products. But bringing them to market requires a working knowledge of prototype generation, material selection, product design, and supply chain management.

In accordance with the Advanced Technology Development Center’s mission to help launch and grow technology companies in Georgia, the advanced manufacturing sector at ATDC has designed a curriculum to help entrepreneurs gain the knowledge necessary to move a product from conception to the market.

The curriculum’s first class, From Invention to Prototype, is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 19 in the ATDC Community Room. Lecture topics will include the steps needed to take an idea from conception to prototype and will cover the common pitfalls and issues every inventor experiences in intellectual property, customer discovery, planning, and licensing.

Shane Matthews (pictured), a professional advisor at ATDC and an expert in the early stages of product development, will teach the course.

Upon completion of this class, entrepreneurs should have a starting point for their ideas and how to execute on a prototype. Register at this link.

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