November 15, 2013 in Advanced Manufacturing, ATDC News

ATDC Select Company, Lumense, raises $2.65M from Coca-Cola

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Lumense, an Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) Select company, and an Atlanta-based developer of real-time quality control sensors capable of continuously measuring the contents of gases and liquids, has raised a Series B round led by the GRA Venture Fund and The Coca-Cola Company. The funds will be used to move the company’s flexible and scalable sensor platform, and its initial products, into volume production.

“Lumense’s technology can optically sense multiple substances in parallel and in real-time. We recognized the potential for this technology early on, shortly after it was licensed from Georgia Tech. We are confident that the Lumense team, with this new investment, will successfully transition it to mass production and then ramp sales,” said Strange, who serves as Lumense’s Board Chairman and is also CEO and Chairman of Intelligent Systems Corporation.

Mike Slawson, Lumense’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “The high caliber of investors that Lumense has attracted is indicative of Lumense’s unique promise. We look forward to working with them to move our products into the factory in the coming year, and to becoming a leading supplier in the vast, untapped market for chemical sensors and the valuable information they provide.”

Read more about Lumense and their raise in the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

To learn more about Lumense, visit their website at

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