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Startup Chronicles: TranscriptsHQ

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TranscriptsHQ At a Glance

While working as a business journalist overseas, Eugene Yukin often wound up transcribing the interviews he conducted and recorded – an arduous assignment in such a fast-paced industry. Even when the task was outsourced to freelancers, the transcriptions were often expensive and done verbatim, rather than edited to the reporter’s specifications.

After returning to the U.S., Yukin settled on a new professional path, one that aims to take the frustration out of the transcription process. Launched last week, TranscriptsHQ lets users quickly upload audio and video files and provides them with a text transcript within 48 hours. Customers are then allowed to review the content and provide feedback, with payment only processed once they are satisfied.

“I wanted to create an online service that’s affordable and provides the end user with a really high quality transcript based on their preferred editing style and format,” said Yukin, founder & CEO of the ATDC member startup. “I also wanted to provide a stable marketplace for transcribers, with online software that is easily available to them.”

Currently in beta testing, TranscriptsHQ differs from many of the existing services by providing an edit option. For example, a university lecture can be transcribed word-for-word, or trimmed and summarized to exclude certain speakers, topics or introductions. All uploaded files also go through a three-step quality assurance process to ensure top-notch results. First, all transcribers must pass an online test and sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect the content of the transcription work. After they have completed their work, the transcription is sent to professional, full-time editors to confirm accuracy. Finally, the client doesn’t have to pay until they’ve approved the final product.

“We built our own marketplace platform where everyone is responsible for making sure it goes back to the client accurately,” said Yukin, who has begun fielding resumes from numerous freelance transcribers in recent weeks.

Bootstrapped entirely through the support of friends and family, TranscriptsHQ is already receiving positive reviews from a growing list of customers. Now focused on product and customer development, the startup plans to utilize ATDC’s resources and technology guidance as they move into their next phase of growth – one that could extend into the smartphone realm.

“There are so many applications for this that go beyond transcription,” said Yukin. “We provide a basic service right now, but we plan on using the feedback of our customers to drive our next stage of development.”

Eugene Yukin

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