March 28, 2013 in ATDC News

Development Bootcamp Aims to Turn Your Idea-2-Cash

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Allan Davis

With 14 years of development experience working for both small startups and large corporations like Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics, Allan Davis is well-versed at transforming a concept into a fully saleable product. He will share that insight at ATDC’s upcoming Development Bootcamp, a two-week course featuring two different specialty tracks.

“So many great ideas come from local entrepreneurs, but many fail due to missteps in execution,” said Davis. “In this class, we’ll discuss and walk through the execution process. Starting with the basic idea, we grow it in inception, nurture it in development, and finally deliver it to production.”

From prototyping and Model-View-Controller to API and UI design, interested attendees will benefit from using test-driven development and agile development practices to accomplish “idea-2-cash” – the process of going from a basic idea on paper to a viable product. Participants can choose from two different tracks, one focused on web and the other on mobile development. Both sessions begin Saturday and wrap up on April 6.

“The big difference between the tracks is the focus on technology,” said Davis. “It’s all about the stack in delivering the product, whether it be developing an initial prototype or getting that final product out there. Each track will bring out points based on platform to deliver the exceptional product that is wanted.”

Davis has a passion for mobile development, and he specializes in native development for iOS and Android. He is certified in Java as a developer, was instrumental in Python development with NetBeans and honed his talents with Objective C and Ruby on Rails.

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